Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday Update

Today we cleaned the weeds out of my front flower beds.  I smell bad.  We still have the back patio to complete.  I managed to mow last Sunday but the yard could use another run.  I think I will let it go for another week.

I transplanted some tulips that won't bloom because there is not sun reaching them at any given point of the day and I cleaned that bed out.  There are two ginormous azalea bushes ready to bloom there.  Two peony plants that won't bloom either because of the lack of sun are in that bed as well.  I need to transplant them as well but I am not sure where to put them nor do I think it is time to do so.  I managed to transplant a rose from a pot to the ground sticking a thorn in my thumb through a pair of gloves.  My thumb is very sore and now also has a burst blister from the gloves.

G is driving me crazy with constant chatter intended to annoy.  She wasn't the best help in the yard but she did help some.  We also ran the car through a car wash which took all the pollen off of it.  It looks much better now.

I need a shower and a nap.  My mom is healing fairly well.  We have G's birthday in roughly two weeks.  Her present has been wrapped on the table waiting.  I suppose she will open it as soon as she is awake on her birthday.  Her day falls on a Wednesday which is a long day for us both.  So she won't really get to enjoy her present until the weekend anyway.  I think my parents are going to have lunch with her or take a lunch to her for her birthday.

Steadily working on laundry today.  Seems so never ending doesn't it.  Not much else of import going on so off to fold laundry.

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Vivian M said...

Wishing Miss G a very happy birthday! We still can't garden, but soon. Still waiting for the last of the ice and snow to melt.