Friday, May 29, 2015

Not Around Much

Mostly due to G being on the computer when we are home and it is difficult to blog from the phone or tablet. This morning however, is the last award ceremony for G's public school attendance.  She is not out of school until June 2 although they are doing absolutely nothing.  Most of her friends aren't at school and those that are aren't in her class so she doesn't get to see them.  She wants to go to the end though because it is like "Fun Friday" everyday.

Memorial day was spent at home finishing the yard mowing which was interrupted on Sunday with a thunderstorm.  I also pulled weeds out of the iris bed and the flower bed in the front yard.

I have signed G up for a week of school about entrepreneurial skills using fashion as a focus.  She doesn't know about the fashion part yet.  She is not a fashion forward kid but I hope she learns from the business part enough to apply it to other parts of her life.

Today is the day I pay the rest of G's school tuition for next year.  I am still praying and thinking about how to get her home.  I am very hopeful that the doctor couple will take her to school for me everyday.  Getting her picked up however is the problem.

The state in which I work is contemplating shutting one of the bridges down for 9 months.  There are two bridges getting into and out of the city.  These are not insignificant roadways.  This will totally cripple businesses and individuals.  I am extremely afraid for my job.  I am the only one who lives in this state and works at the company or any of the properties.  Plus G will be farther way than ever from my job with additional traffic problems.  Nothing worked out with the businesses to which I applied.  Both companies were looking for part time.

I am a little stressed and not sleeping well, but we will make it.  I will get something figured out.

G also has vacation Bible school for one week and then spending the rest of the summer at my parents during the day.  I will have to limit her data usage and electronic usage to 3 hours a day or else that is all she will do and will cost me a fortune.  I wish I could convince her of the benefit of math and reading as an alternative to electronics.  Since I will be at work, I can't force her.

Anyway, off to see if she made straight As or will receive the reading award or what.  She was very concerned that her grandparents would be there, and they will.  That made her morning.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mid-Week Update

The weather was so cool nice last night that I opened the windows to sleep.  Of course I woke up thinking my alarm had gone off 3 different times when each time was a train about an hour and half apart.  I am a little tired.

G is with her friends in the GA program I think.  She technically graduated from that program two Sundays ago but I think they still meet over the summer or at least through the end of school.  Although the church may have gone ahead and moved them to the junior high program.

Family obligations this weekend plus we are supposed to meet the teachers of the new school on Saturday though a time has yet to be posted on the calendar.  G will be missing school and I will be missing work on Friday.  I am going to take her to a restaurant that I loved when it was located in big city.  It moved to a not quite as big city 10  years or so ago which made me very sad but probably saved me a fortune.  I am excited about having lunch there Friday.

I am working on a shutter*fly book that encapsulates the last 10 years of G and Me.  This July is our 10 year family anniversary.  She already knows what I am giving her.  She is nosy like that.  She doesn't know about the book though.  The book won't be as appreciated now as the other thing which will be played with as an addition to her Hogwarts Castle.

She has become a reading fiend this nine weeks racking up over 60 points.  Of course last nine weeks she didn't even meet her goal, grrr.  I have copied her AR books (with grades) since first grade when she first started taking tests for AR.  She has over 240 books that she has read during her 1-5 grade education.  These are books she tested on only.  I don't have a record of the books she read for fun.  I am glad she mostly likes to read.  I suppose she goes through phases.  I just hope this new school emphasizes reading too.

Anyway, I have had to get a jump on laundry tonight.  Praying my mom will do okay beginning tomorrow when some family will be arriving.  Praying particularly for next week when things will have calmed down.  If only we could calm down slowly rather than all at once.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Haven't Been Here for Awhile

Not much really going on.  G had a sinus infection and is left with sinus drainage.  Took her before school one day to a new clinic in town that is run by two nurse practitioners.  LOVED IT.  She was at school by 8am, not late.  The NP was so fast that it totally threw me into a confused state with paperwork left unfinished and not being able to concentrate.  I didn't hear what meds he was giving her other than an antibiotic.  That evening when I went to where he called it in for me I was surprised to hear there were 3 scripts.  It was fine to have that many I just couldn't focus on what he told me other than antibiotic for infection.

He prescribed a 1x day steroid, antibiotic and a antihistamine liquid that made G grumpy.  I don't have a Rx plan but I do have a discount card - generic, not specific to me.  The meds initially totaled over $70 for the three but when the pharmacy applied the discount card it dropped it to just over $40.  So pretty good huhn?  I carry my own insurance not through a company and it is not so much limited but more for catastrophic.  It is fully compliant with the obnoxious law.

So on day two of the meds I gave G the appropriate dose in the morning and then that evening, being distracted as I am getting us to bed and all I gave her another steroid.  I didn't even realize I had done it until we were in bed and the lights were off.  When I told her what I had done she said, "Will I die?"

I laughed and said, "I don't think so but I will tell you in the morning."  I was upset that I had done it and was much more careful after that.  I delayed her steroid by one day to even it all back out.  I am normally much more careful but this particular evening was on Wednesday and that day is just so busy anyway that I do get much more off schedule then.

I have a sinus something too but I refuse to go to the doc.  I am just going over the counter with it.  I don't think it is an infection and I have no fever.  I do have a severe headache today on top of my monthly pains so I feel pretty rotten today anyway.

It rained last night so I can't mow but the day is absolutely gorgeous.  I opened all the windows and can hear the birds outside so peacefully singing.  All of that is in competition with G singing or making random noises while playing legos and with my radio. I can now hear our church bells playing Come Thou Long Expected Jesus.  It's lovely.  It is absolutely lovely.  I haven't heard the testing of the tornado sirens yet.  I expect them to be along soon.

Thinking of making of pizza today for lunch.  I left the scallions off G's last time, I must remember to add them today.  Other than that, laundry.  I had a post in my head but have totally forgotten what I wished to write about.  I think from now on I will just pull up a word doc to type it then later post it to the blog. That way I won't necessarily forget unless I am in the car.

The school class choices came out for sixth grade.  G was funny about telling me what the counselor of the 6th-7th grade told them about moving up.  Since G isn't going there I had to sign it saying we were moving.  Anyway, I am glad her school is settled for next year.  I am still trying to work out the pickup but I have a summer to worry.  Work is still good.  I detest the drive but am so glad for a job and it isn't work's fault for the drive.  Yesterday on the way home I was just sure all the other driver's were out to get me, ;-}

Okay off to fix lunch now.