Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mid-Week Update

The weather was so cool nice last night that I opened the windows to sleep.  Of course I woke up thinking my alarm had gone off 3 different times when each time was a train about an hour and half apart.  I am a little tired.

G is with her friends in the GA program I think.  She technically graduated from that program two Sundays ago but I think they still meet over the summer or at least through the end of school.  Although the church may have gone ahead and moved them to the junior high program.

Family obligations this weekend plus we are supposed to meet the teachers of the new school on Saturday though a time has yet to be posted on the calendar.  G will be missing school and I will be missing work on Friday.  I am going to take her to a restaurant that I loved when it was located in big city.  It moved to a not quite as big city 10  years or so ago which made me very sad but probably saved me a fortune.  I am excited about having lunch there Friday.

I am working on a shutter*fly book that encapsulates the last 10 years of G and Me.  This July is our 10 year family anniversary.  She already knows what I am giving her.  She is nosy like that.  She doesn't know about the book though.  The book won't be as appreciated now as the other thing which will be played with as an addition to her Hogwarts Castle.

She has become a reading fiend this nine weeks racking up over 60 points.  Of course last nine weeks she didn't even meet her goal, grrr.  I have copied her AR books (with grades) since first grade when she first started taking tests for AR.  She has over 240 books that she has read during her 1-5 grade education.  These are books she tested on only.  I don't have a record of the books she read for fun.  I am glad she mostly likes to read.  I suppose she goes through phases.  I just hope this new school emphasizes reading too.

Anyway, I have had to get a jump on laundry tonight.  Praying my mom will do okay beginning tomorrow when some family will be arriving.  Praying particularly for next week when things will have calmed down.  If only we could calm down slowly rather than all at once.

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