Friday, June 26, 2015

see the white

Can you tell my favorite flowers are gladiolas?  I didn't know I had a white one.  It was in a patch that is being attacked by bugs so I picked it before it fully opened.  I set it with a bunch of red ones so when it fully opens I will take another picture of it.  And you can see my kitchen corner.  After painting the kitchen last year, it still makes me very very happy to go into it.

Tonight G is at a movie with her Potterhead friends.  Summer movie series is showing the prisoner of azkeban.  She wore her robe and her prisoner of azkeban shirt.  I am very glad they had a spare ticket.  Problem is I have to wait up for her to see if she is willing to spend the night or not.  The life of sacrifice of a mother.  I am really really sleepy though but she would be so mad if I went to sleep before I knew if she wanted me to come get her.

It feels like it is over 100 degrees outside and G wore her very heavy Griffindor robe.  I hope she isn't too terribly hot.  One of the mom's sent this to me.  G's very good friend dressed as Luna.  She makes a good Luna in real life too.
Anyway, I should have started a movie and may still have time. What a week. I have been active on twitter with political stuff and am not much on the blog for that since G would be affected here.  So maybe when I get my thoughts together I will give one long update particularly with my mom.  I have been reading  a bit at night.  I am reading Helen Keller's autobiography to G this summer.  I love free amazon books.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

see th pop of yellow

Thursday, June 18, 2015

this makes me very very happy

Can't Sleep

It is very difficult to get to the computer these days.  G has, with her own money, purchased the PC version of Minecraft which means she can now join all the games that very smart people created for Minecraft people.  She isn't bad at playing the games either.

I have purchased her a coding product that was on sale.  My thought is that we will load the computer and all paraphernalia up for her to take to my dad's this summer and learn to code in Minecraft.  This whatever it was I bought gives her access to a server for her to work on her coding and she can invite other Minecraft friends to join her in the game.  There was an offer on that had the coding for minecraft cheaper than I had seen otherwise anyway.  It is a learn on your own with video though not a specific class.  I think she will do it.  She said she would.

Our culture is so depressing to me right now.  Such ridiculousness with definitions being changed with the wind or at the whim of whomever wishes to change them.  The whole Rachel Dolezal has shown the left for what it is, a movement completely built on irrational feelings not sense.

Between gender and race, race is truly the only social construct and gender is defined by genes.  Changing race just makes one look foolish.  Changing gender is just pitiful since scientifically it can't be done.  Oh sure, you can cut bits and bobs off or add pitiful ones on but in order to suppress the Y chromosome or the X chromosome an individual must take medication for the rest of his life that does harm to the individual.  Plus no man can ever be a woman who hasn't suffered monthly in the most with a cycle.  And that can not ever happen to a man on hormone suppression treatment to live like a woman.  Truly it is an illness much like anorexia or bulimia where the person's mind tells them something other than the person's reality.  This Jenner person is not someone we should be celebrating but getting help for.

This attempt of the left to force everyone to believe one way over common sense, over reality, is really fascist.  Not unlike the Nazi party in Germany forcing the population to see and believe wrong ideas about Jewish people and punishing the wrong thinkers as well as the Jewish people.

Back to race, the color of one's skin is only determined by the pigment in the body.  It was people who congregated together based on skin color or forced people of like skin color to congregate together either by force like slavery or by welfare programs like section 8 housing or via school segregation.  Of course God Himself separated the human race at the tower of Babel by language to stop their pride in attempting to replace God.  He at that time in history didn't want man to congregate in one place.  We are all of the human race designed individually by God.  He doesn't make mistakes but He does allow human will to rule at time for disastrous effects.    

So if Rachel Dolezal feels like she identifies with a culture of black people let her be.  Yes she lied to benefit herself but those benefits wouldn't have been possible had white politicians not thought black people were so needy and helpless that laws had to be enacted in order for black folks to survive and live.  I mean think about what those laws truly say about minority groups and only some minority groups and within certain minority groups only those from certain countries, Cuban Americans aren't considered to be  Hispanic enough for liberals.  Asians aren't considered minority in certain situations like college entrance.   Harvard is currently being sued over their practice of discrimination of Asians.  It is in the news right now.

Those laws claim some people based on skin color can't make a life on their abilities and need a hand up.  Non-discrimination laws will discriminate against someone and the law determines who it will be based on skin color.  And I am not ignorant of history.  I know blacks have historically been forced to segregate and mistreated based on skin color which I am saying is wrong and is always wrong (the social construct strikes again).  Skin pigmentation should never have defined and should never define a person or cause one group to treat another group wrong.

But see how far we have come?  This country elected not once but twice a black president solely because he was black not based on his abilities or character because he sure is the worst president since the civil war.  And I disagree with him only based on his poor character and his fundamental transformation of our country not his skin color.  Race relations are worse now because this administration plays races against each other (social construct).  He seems to want a race war and I am very afraid of the reason why he wants one.

Anyway, between that weirdness and the courts trying to throw away 5000 or more years of what marriage means and the rise of IS*S (I want none of those stopping by here) our country couldn't be in more of a mess, but by all means lets discuss gender and race and let liberals tell us exactly how to think or speak of it.  From now on I think I will identify as a bright blue unicorn who goes by the name Star.  Don't try to change me.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Saturday morning

Playing games on her phone, dressed in her Hogwarts robe, watching Harry Potter movies all while sitting in a box.  So much fun to be 11.