Friday, June 26, 2015

see the white

Can you tell my favorite flowers are gladiolas?  I didn't know I had a white one.  It was in a patch that is being attacked by bugs so I picked it before it fully opened.  I set it with a bunch of red ones so when it fully opens I will take another picture of it.  And you can see my kitchen corner.  After painting the kitchen last year, it still makes me very very happy to go into it.

Tonight G is at a movie with her Potterhead friends.  Summer movie series is showing the prisoner of azkeban.  She wore her robe and her prisoner of azkeban shirt.  I am very glad they had a spare ticket.  Problem is I have to wait up for her to see if she is willing to spend the night or not.  The life of sacrifice of a mother.  I am really really sleepy though but she would be so mad if I went to sleep before I knew if she wanted me to come get her.

It feels like it is over 100 degrees outside and G wore her very heavy Griffindor robe.  I hope she isn't too terribly hot.  One of the mom's sent this to me.  G's very good friend dressed as Luna.  She makes a good Luna in real life too.
Anyway, I should have started a movie and may still have time. What a week. I have been active on twitter with political stuff and am not much on the blog for that since G would be affected here.  So maybe when I get my thoughts together I will give one long update particularly with my mom.  I have been reading  a bit at night.  I am reading Helen Keller's autobiography to G this summer.  I love free amazon books.

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