Saturday, July 25, 2015

10 Years Later

July 25, 2005

July 25, 2005

July 26, 2005

Here is an archive of the two year update I did by copying the actual trip to the blog. If one was interested one could revisit how the trip went down.

Ten years went by fast.  G is already planning her driving and facing death of grandparents and moving out (nah not really).  She doesn't think these ten years went by fast.  For her the years have drug on and on.  For me I can't believe just how quick a blink is.  I wish to re-live some of the good days and re-do some of the not so good ones.  I am trying to focus on more yeses and less nos.

G is a bright child that likes to change previously stated agreements through tough negotiations.  She cheered the other day that she understood reverse psychology but now I can't remember what advantage she thinks she won.  Sometimes she drives me crazy.  Most days I see the wonder she truly is.

She still won't sleep by herself as she has decided we have a ghost in our home.  I guess I shouldn't have told her that my grandmother died in this house.  She constantly checks behind her door before going in her room and I asked her what she would do if something or someone were really back there.  She said she would run.

I still read to her most every night.  We finished Helen Keller's autobiography and have started Ann of Green Gables.  This is my treat to read to her not just for her.  Obviously she reads on her own but I get to read books to her that I am also interested in and to keep that connection.

I have tried to be intentional on making memories doing things G enjoys.  Though to confess, I discovered I have a dislike for board games.  I do like some of the games to play with her on the phone like chain reaction and life.  She prefers the board games.  I prefer making memories on trips or holiday traditions or painting the house or walking in the flooded yard or running together.  She prefers I watch her play minecraft or play board games or take her shopping for tennis shoes.

She still would prefer to stay up late so on Fridays we watch movies way past bedtime.  Sometimes she falls to sleep before it is over.  Sometimes I do.  During the week we battle over all the conversations that have to be discussed as I am desperately trying to go to sleep.  She is extremely chatty at bedtime.  Seems to come alive, so to speak.  Most people have never heard her utter a word.

She wins at Bible trivia in Sunday School which makes me proud since I was raised as a Southern Baptist.  I know God's Word will not return to Him void.  He will use this in her life at some point I am sure.

We still battle about clothes, not so much what she wears (well Sunday clothes are a battle) but how the clothes feel on her.  GAH! the sensitivity! And sadly I indulge because I remember having similar sensitivities as a child and as an adult.  As a child I could do nothing about it but I wear what I like as an adult.

We are still working on learning how to wash hair and face correctly.  I suppose this will be a battle until it matters to her.  Now she does it because I tell her to.  I am not surprised since she is just 11.

10 years as a family just doesn't seem like very long.  So much has happened with us and around us.  Exciting time to be alive really.  I am not looking forward to the next 10 years because it just makes everything closer to her being grown.  Of course then there are days that I wish that had already happened, heh.  just kidding, sort of...

G doesn't ever read the blog but maybe one day a long time from now, she might so...

G, you are the best thing, the most challenging thing, the makes-dreams-come-true thing to ever happen to me and our family.  We would not be complete without you.  You make this world a better place by just being you!!  Whatever path you chose in life, make sure you choose Jesus and make sure you are there in Heaven one day.

I love you best!


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Conversations with G and Look It

I got the computer!! G went to a function at my parent's church to paint with her friends.  Due to some complications with car and such, I had asked if she could go hang out with one of those friends.  Since the parent said yes then invited G to a VBS with said friend, I am home alone and have the computer!!

I swiped this picture that another mother posted on FB.

On to conversations with G:

Two Sundays ago G won a Bible trivia game in Sunday School and was rewarded with a 20 oz coca-cola.  Please understand that G doesn't drink sodas.

As a rule, I don't keep them here at the house although I am not opposed to her having them.   Of course she has had Mountain Dew and Sprite but generally she doesn't drink the stuff. I was raised on soda and have the teeth to prove it.

So back to her coke which was actually a coke not another flavor.  In the south we use coke as the generic for any flavor soda so there you go for the explanation.  I poured her up a glass for lunch and then also for dinner.  In total she didn't even drink the whole 20 oz and this is the conversations we had with regard to it.

After dinner she said, "Mama, can this make me drunk?"

I said, "No. But you  may feel that your head is a bit funny since you don't drink cokes normally."

At bedtime, she laid across the bed and said, "Mama, I am so drunk."

Why she thinks I would allow her to have a beverage that would make her drunk I have no idea.  Why she thinks she knows what being drunk looks like much less feels like I have no idea.  I don't even have alcohol in the house.

I told her she was much to young to be allowed to drink so I could assure her that she was indeed not drunk. I also reminded her that I wouldn't allow it at this age and hoped she never started drinking in the future.  She did have a difficult time settling down to go to sleep from the sugar, caffeine and whatever else is in a coke.

Oh and they didn't have a Bible quiz so she hasn't had another one.

She has also now decided that she is fat.  I have tried to tell her that she is not fat.  She could exercise but initially she wanted to limit her food amounts to specific serving sizes based on calories.  She did that for about 3 days while I counted calories for her.  Then she said, "Mama, if I exercise more, can I still eat as much as normal?"

I said, "Yes, of course, the trick to weight loss is number of calories in verses number of calories out, more out you lose; more in you gain and exercise is the best way to get calories out."

She said, "Good, cause I am so hungry."

As for me counting her calories I was trying to show her what the food producers dictate what a serving is verses what she normally eats of any one item.  I would prefer that she exercise rather than diet.  I told her to start running on the road in front of Grandad's place because it if flat and not busy.  I also suggested that she do 100 sit ups every night.  So far she has done 3 nights of set ups and has run 2x.  So I don't think she is very serious about it but I do wish she would quit talking about being fat.   Why does that have to start so early too?

Oh next week, G is getting to go to the same Hogwarts camp she attended last year even though she is 1 year over age.  I called the school hosting it, and they said that would be fine.  I think it is because she was at another of their camps earlier this year and did the Hogwarts last year. Personally, I wished she would have done the mosaic tile camp but not G.  She is very excited about it!!

We are coming up on 10 years as a family.  If I have access to our home computer then I may be able to do an update.  If not, well, then whenever I get back to it again I will.  And if I was really good I would do a pre-post but that takes a bit of thinking, and I haven't the energy to do so.

Money is really tight this year what with the portion of school tuition being paid and my condenser on the car has to be replaced because in the south you absolutely have to have an air conditioner working in the car.  Plus, I haven't paid all of the last vacay off totally.  All this to say is because of all this, I have such an itch to go somewhere.  I have a great desire to go on a vacay even if it is small.  But we won't go this year at all despite my  wishes.

G starts school toward the end of August.  I still haven't received the enrollment package which was supposed to have been sent out already.  We haven't had a meet the teachers night so I don't have the name of the family that was going to take G to school and I haven't a way to get her to my parents so I will have to leave work early to pick her up and pay for the after school.  I am a wee bit worried how this will all work.  There will most definitely be a reduction in my work hours if I have to take her to school and then leave early to pick her up.  The gas usage will double so that is an added cost but I do not want her back in the public school.

Lots to pray about, that is for sure. My mom is not doing well.  She is not bed ridden or anything but she really is so very child like.  G stays with them during the day and any time G is out of her sight she worries about her then goes looking for her.  It drives G a bit crazy.  She no longer knows how to load dishes in the dishwasher.  Conversation is very difficult because she can't keep the stream of thought going for a conversation.  She is very short on the phone, not in attitude but length.  You can tell she is afraid of saying something not right that she rushes off the phone.

My dad needs a break but won't ask me at least to give him one.  I would like to take mom and G away for a long weekend maybe back to Crystal Bridges and visit with my brother and his family for a minute (lunch) who live in that area.  Problem is I am broke and I am fairly certain dad would not wish to pay even if it would give him a long weekend by himself.

G does help my dad by mowing the yard and working with him outside but otherwise she is a lump on the couch playing on her phone and the computer.  I am very grateful for them keeping her but she would rather stay home.  Too bad she is not old enough, and I am not sure I would let her to even if she were.

Well off to get ready for bed, waiting on G to get home from VBS and to see her painting in real life.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

July 4th Holiday Weekend

My daddy made me a pie today.  He loves me, he really loves me.  This pie is the same type that he made when my mom told me I couldn't have a piece because my sister was coming the next day which prompted G to declare that my mom likes my sister better than me.  That has become a family joke between the four of us since dad stood up for me and said I could have a piece.

The other joke about this pie is that the recipe calls it a cake and underestimates the time to have it set by like 6 hours, and it makes two complete pies not one like the recipe says.  So the first time he made the cake/pie one of them was very very runny but very good.  The second pie set well because it set over night.  I wouldn't have the space in my fridge to make this pie so he sent one of them home with me.

My dad has become the cook in the family.  He makes key lime pies normally but I don't like those. My mom does though.  He tries lots of different recipes on lots of different foods.  He has started grilling his veggies instead of frying them.  He searches new ways to cook on the internet.  My mom was diagnosed with diabetes but she argues about that daily.  She gets so mad that he limits her sugar intake.  He is very disciplined and can quit things like sugar cold turkey.  My mom and I cannot. They are becoming a very funny couple with this whole Alzheimer's disease and now diabetes.

G got new shoes.  We had to have them shipped to us.  On Saturday when we took my mom out to eat we stopped by to get G some new shoes but due to the lack of the color she liked in her size she got them today.  She has talked non-stop for 45 minutes about these shoes.
We were given the afternoon off from work early. I came home and mowed so I have the whole weekend to hear G talk about her shoes.  She is currently driving me crazy with all the words coming out of her mouth so fast and furious.  How am I going to handle this number of words for 3 days???  Just kidding.

She has analyzed her shoes, compared her shoes to her old ones, put them on, taken them off, and gotten my shoes to compare.  She has sniffed them, attempted to clean the souls with a wipe, and pressed them lovingly to her face describing the feel of the curve on her cheek.  For 45 mins she has gone on and on about these shoes.

In re-payment for these shoes, which by the way are women's 8 because of her wide foot, she is reading 20 books of the Bible for $5 a book.  Romans was first.  God said His Word would not return to Him void.  He will use her reading the Bible in her life at some point.