Thursday, July 02, 2015

July 4th Holiday Weekend

My daddy made me a pie today.  He loves me, he really loves me.  This pie is the same type that he made when my mom told me I couldn't have a piece because my sister was coming the next day which prompted G to declare that my mom likes my sister better than me.  That has become a family joke between the four of us since dad stood up for me and said I could have a piece.

The other joke about this pie is that the recipe calls it a cake and underestimates the time to have it set by like 6 hours, and it makes two complete pies not one like the recipe says.  So the first time he made the cake/pie one of them was very very runny but very good.  The second pie set well because it set over night.  I wouldn't have the space in my fridge to make this pie so he sent one of them home with me.

My dad has become the cook in the family.  He makes key lime pies normally but I don't like those. My mom does though.  He tries lots of different recipes on lots of different foods.  He has started grilling his veggies instead of frying them.  He searches new ways to cook on the internet.  My mom was diagnosed with diabetes but she argues about that daily.  She gets so mad that he limits her sugar intake.  He is very disciplined and can quit things like sugar cold turkey.  My mom and I cannot. They are becoming a very funny couple with this whole Alzheimer's disease and now diabetes.

G got new shoes.  We had to have them shipped to us.  On Saturday when we took my mom out to eat we stopped by to get G some new shoes but due to the lack of the color she liked in her size she got them today.  She has talked non-stop for 45 minutes about these shoes.
We were given the afternoon off from work early. I came home and mowed so I have the whole weekend to hear G talk about her shoes.  She is currently driving me crazy with all the words coming out of her mouth so fast and furious.  How am I going to handle this number of words for 3 days???  Just kidding.

She has analyzed her shoes, compared her shoes to her old ones, put them on, taken them off, and gotten my shoes to compare.  She has sniffed them, attempted to clean the souls with a wipe, and pressed them lovingly to her face describing the feel of the curve on her cheek.  For 45 mins she has gone on and on about these shoes.

In re-payment for these shoes, which by the way are women's 8 because of her wide foot, she is reading 20 books of the Bible for $5 a book.  Romans was first.  God said His Word would not return to Him void.  He will use her reading the Bible in her life at some point.  

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Vivian M said...

Love the sneakers! And pie....yum. Enjoy the three days!