Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I dunno, maybe I will hit this once a month

So two weeks from yesterday, G starts school.
This is the progress of the buildings.  I don't know if they will be ready or not. G is already complaining and wanting to go back to public school. last night she decided to argue that her t-shirt is to small even though it isn't.  She said she is tired of summer.  All of her friends are in school already and she sees some of them at Wednesday night church.

Of course I am not concerned about her not wanting to go to the new school.  I am a mean mama though.  The drs have offered to take and pick G up from school so my worries are over on that score. I am so grateful to them.  They have the cutest little boy who loves soccer and says he is good at it with a smile when asked.

We met her teacher and some of the other teachers.  Her I suppose he is the IT person, looks just like Mr. Bean.  I didn't meet him but he tried to introduce himself to G by asking what grade she is going into with her reply being 6th.  So she is going into elementary B there.  He got confused and asked if she meant that she was 6. This is being related to me by G who was greatly offended by that insinuation.

So then here we are still waiting.  G showed me how to use the keyboard of our phone without typing.  So easy and I didn't know the trick.  She figured it out a year ago.  Smart girl, that.

I myself am ready for cooler weather and fall.  My 45th is coming up soon.  I think I like getting older.  I do not like watching my mother decline though. Maybe a lengthier post is in order for that update.   So off to a meeting now.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

View from the Toilet and Other Ramblings

My master bedroom is designed in such a way that the bathroom opens up into the bedroom and can't be seen from the hall or any other room in the house. Thus, I typically don't close either door. This weekend it seemed that every time I tried to gather a moment for myself this is what I saw. Seriously, even my vain attempts at screaming "GET OUT" or the lovely "GO AWAY" were not a deterrent to the every vocal, questioning Ms. G of whom I am the only one allowed to see this side of her.
In other news my mother's fennel plants have been obliterated by the Black Swallowtail caterpillars. They have been quite fascinating to see and this particular chrysalis which was the first to form and break out into a butterfly was exciting to discuss for days. It is a good thing we don't particularly like fennel. G likes it as it tastes like liquorish or some type of mint. She just pinches it off the stem. Mom doesn't cook anymore and Dad isn't that much of an adventurer the fennel will remain a butterfly bush.

G's school will not start until Sept 8 so she has almost a month before school while all of her friends will have already started. We will have a meet and greet lunch for all teachers and families on Aug 22 to which I am very much looking forward. I think I can safely get G's rides to and from settled. This week G has gone with her 3 besties and the 5th grade baptists to St. Louis. She left yesterday. I do believe this will be very good for her.

 She did already have a crisis of decision making, texting me to see if I thought she should spend the day riding rides only or go to the water park too. Her BFF's step dad was planning on taking a group to just do all the rides of the park and not the water park.  I told her that the rides were once in a lifetime and water parks were more common.  She decided to go on all the rides.  Crisis averted, heh.

Seriously she wouldn't make her own decision.  She also had a crisis the day before about putting on a new screen saver for her phone, texting me at work my opinion and arguments to counter my opinion until I told her either do it or don't but leave me alone.  I was at work at the time and didn't have time or energy to deal with screen saver or not.  Sometimes she wears me out!

She will be back Thursday and asked me who would pick her up.  I told her it would depend on when she arrived: before I am off work, Grandad, after work, Me.  So she said, "But what if I get in at like 9:30pm?"

I told her with as serious a face as I could muster, "Well then, I will leave you in the parking lot for the evening."  I think for a sec she believed me.  She is such a serious deeply thinking child; sometimes it is painful to hear the things she comes up with.

Back to school thoughts, we have to purchase nothing other than gardening boots and an umbrella though that wasn't on the most recent list.  All school supplies will be provided to the children which makes me jump for joy!!  The only other thing is we will have to go shopping for blue jeans but not for a while as it will be hot enough for shorts well in to October I think.  Also, the school t-shirt of which one will be provided, I will need to get several more.  Long sleeves can go under the school shirt for winter.

Mom went to the doctor yesterday to assess the progress or rather decline, and as the doctor found and we all knew, she has declined.  My sister and my dad have started the what-will-we-do-if conversations of which I am glad to be left out.  I will go along with the crowd.  I would love to take my mom away for a weekend with G to give my dad a break but may not be able to do so.  She will not be able to go next year more than likely and a labor day weekend would be great fun particularly if it were somewhere we have both been to remove the stress of not knowing where we are.

Dad needs a break from the daily care but he won't necessarily ask for it.  In truth it would be easier for him to go away and me to stay with mom at her house but he is as much a homebody as she is.  His inability or unwillingness to ask for a break is distressing but maybe he really doesn't need one.

G will be playing soccer again this fall if I can get her to the practices that is.  This will all depend on if I can get someone to drop her off at my dad's after school then he can drop her off at practice and I can pick her up.  Anyway, that is all we have going on right now.  I still can't believe how fast time goes!!