Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I dunno, maybe I will hit this once a month

So two weeks from yesterday, G starts school.
This is the progress of the buildings.  I don't know if they will be ready or not. G is already complaining and wanting to go back to public school. last night she decided to argue that her t-shirt is to small even though it isn't.  She said she is tired of summer.  All of her friends are in school already and she sees some of them at Wednesday night church.

Of course I am not concerned about her not wanting to go to the new school.  I am a mean mama though.  The drs have offered to take and pick G up from school so my worries are over on that score. I am so grateful to them.  They have the cutest little boy who loves soccer and says he is good at it with a smile when asked.

We met her teacher and some of the other teachers.  Her I suppose he is the IT person, looks just like Mr. Bean.  I didn't meet him but he tried to introduce himself to G by asking what grade she is going into with her reply being 6th.  So she is going into elementary B there.  He got confused and asked if she meant that she was 6. This is being related to me by G who was greatly offended by that insinuation.

So then here we are still waiting.  G showed me how to use the keyboard of our phone without typing.  So easy and I didn't know the trick.  She figured it out a year ago.  Smart girl, that.

I myself am ready for cooler weather and fall.  My 45th is coming up soon.  I think I like getting older.  I do not like watching my mother decline though. Maybe a lengthier post is in order for that update.   So off to a meeting now.


jennifer said...

I hope that G has a wonderful school year. I'm sure going to the new school will be hard. Praying that it will go smoothly for her and for you.

jennifer said...

Happy belated birthday!!! I'm so sorry. I completely forgot until just this minute. I hope that it was a good one. I still prayer for your family everyday. Jennifer