Friday, September 18, 2015

Needing to Update

Just to let the interwebs know, G loves her school much more than she is willing to admit.  She has friends and is learning to make things with her hands.  I have questions about what academics other than math and language they are focusing on such as history and science theory, but I think those questions will be answered sooner rather than later.

She is doing applied science with the maker studio and gardening etc.  They have a well known photographer/filmmaker teaching them photography and film for their 1st 6 weeks of maker studio class.  That is interesting.  They have built a smallish hydraulic system which is pretty cool.  They are working on a marble track and G is loving that.  She is partnered with a girl that has become a friend that may even become labeled as a good friend.  G's perspective.

They have taken the myers-briggs personality test of which G tested as a ISTJ.  She thought that was absolutely fascinating.  She thought it was very cool that she and George Washington have/had the same personality type.  Funnily or not my personality type is INTJ.  So I see that though G can read on a 9th grade level and pass tests given based on facts, she makes no leaps in analyzing or reading between the lines so that is something we will need to work on because there are a lot of inferences in books that she misses, and now I understand why she doesn't get it.  She also gets so hung up on facts that it is frustrating to get her to move on.

Next week they will take the baseline academic tests to find out where each child is.  They are all on the Khan Academy for math starting in the 5th year to work up to their public school grade.  We have used Khan Academy before to explain difficult math concepts.  The videos help.

G totally talks a lot about school and even asked if I was surprised that she was making friends.  I told her I thought she might find some kindred spirits.  She received a water bottle that she now not only carries her water to school to drink since the school's water, according to her, tastes funny, and she doesn't want to lose the bottle.  Yesterday she accidentally left it at school and wanted me to make sure her teacher would find it and keep it for her.  That is a big deal for her to want me to text and ask the teacher to find it for her and keep it.  Just one example of how I can see she really does like the school.

She is in a group to work on the presentation of learning.  Their chosen topic is recycling.  Two things, though, the head mistress on the first day mad a poor generalization about people who wear glasses being smart and then this week generalized about tall people being natural leaders.  I was no happy about this coming back to the kids.  G immediately decided she needs glasses to be smart and she stresses already about being tall.  So yeah for generalizations, ammiright?

I do not regret putting G in this school.  The doctor's who take her to school and pick her up seem to be working out well, and G and I like them.   So far so good and I will keep this updated about her school.

For me I started attending Bible Study Fellowship that is being hosted in our church.  I am so excited about the study and being back in BSF.  G will have to go with me every Thursday so there will be 2 late nights in a row until BSF ends.  But it will be so worth it.

Okay, that is it for now and I am sure I have left things out.

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Vivian M said...

Wonderful news! By the way, both hubby and I are ISTJ's. :)