Friday, September 25, 2015

Some Recent Photos

The first is what greeted me this morning at work.  This train was waiting for another to come by.  I talked to him a minute after waving to him because he looked bored.  I told him we live by the tracks.  He said his train doesn't go that far but he knew where I was talking about.

Also, greeting me this morning when I woke her up, totally spread in the bed. This is a queen size bed.  She kicked me all night and no, she isn't ready to sleep alone.  She likes to talk at night so I find out lots of stuff while falling asleep, some good some bad.

Then this year they play goalie but she doesn't like it.  She looks cool but she doesn't like the blame when she misses.

My mom has been wearing the same white shorts and shirt for over a week.  I wish my dad wouldn't let her do that.  It is fall now and all of a sudden she isn't cold.  Two weeks ago she was bundled up like it was snowing.  This is such a strange disease.


jennifer said...

Love the pictures and G looks so tall.

Unknown said...

Bri sleeps like that - she moves all over the place and usually ends up sideways in the bed. And B also dislikes playing goalie. She gets bored with it (she rather be running all over the field) and hates when she misses a shot.

It makes me sad hearing about your mom. It really is a confusing disease. You never know how someone will act from one moment to the next. :(