Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Today and in the Past

Typed on Friday, October 30:

So we packed G up to spend the night with a girl from her new school who is having a Halloween party. Plus the school was going to allow tricker-treating to the businesses around the town so the kids dressed up at school. As I was driving to work after dropping G off I realized we forgot her essential bit of equipment, AKA her wand. OOPS!

I haven't heard from her.  She also forgot the paper glasses she made and the red marker because she wanted to be a female harry potter.  She is going to be furious with me, but she wasn't exactly that helpful with the packing.  I will call this a learning experience and natural consequences.  She can add the stuff she forgot tomorrow night at the fall festival to be complete.

I have to be up VERY early in the morning to pick her up because she is about an hour away, and we have a soccer game at 11.  I hope they have a good time.  I hope I made a good decision about letting her go.  The mother seems really nice.

One of the girls wasn't able to go and I think the hostess couldn't invite her old school friends due to possible other activities going on with the old school.  It will be a small party but maybe a fun one.  And just like that, she's grown, harumph!

Anyway here are some posts from the past. You are more than welcome to see what she has been dressed as in the past years by clicking the links.  There was a time that I was fairly creative.  Now, not so much...

2005: Cheerleader but I can't find the picture which was basically just a blur anyway due to the sugar high she had.  She did look cute in her costume though. This picture was taken in October or September of 2005 and she wore this outfit for Halloween but this was a family visit.

2006: Cheerleader but it was cold so she wore a coat, picture above taken at home.

2007: Birthday cake

2008: Artist and at school a 50's teen which she hated

2009: she went as nothing and we didn't participate in Halloween that year due to her own behavior the year before.

2010: Aquarium

2011: Doctor

2012: Magician

2013: Cowgirl at dad's church and a Zombie for our church

2014: soccer player but too lazy to capture a picture apparently

Happy Reformation Day or All Hallow's Eve

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Unknown said...

I loved looking back at all the costumes! I think the aquarium is my favorite! Super creative!