Monday, October 26, 2015

Ready for Hogwarts or Halloween

So I allowed G to spend her own money and purchase an official Gryffindor sweater from Universal. I don't believe I have ever owned something as expensive and I assure you I have never owned something so itchy. So the day came and I was notified the sweater was delivered. This is her response to that notice and to seeing it the first time.

Then on Saturday I had her put the whole shebang on for photos. She made her wand with a dowel rod and hot glue then painted it the way she thought it might go. I won't let her take the official universal wand we bought last year for fear of it getting broken so she is taking this one.

Now she is off to Hogwarts through the Pink Palace in the next city. We saw the final Harry Potter movie Saturday. The PP is doing this series again and G said she wishes to go so I suppose we will be on the lookout next year for the dates.


Steph B said...

Love the sweater! She looks great!

Vicki said...

She's really growing up, huh?

Vivian M said...

I had to do a double take, she looks just like one of the characters in the movie! Awesome costume!