Friday, October 09, 2015

School Update and other Ramblings

I met with the teacher yesterday about G's baseline language/reading and math tests.  Sadly, her public school math experience even being in a gifted cluster which should have been advanced left G at a 5.7 grade level over all in math.  One area of the test was left in the 4.62.  Basically, what that says is that public school math failed the GT kids and really failed the non-GT kids.  So G's new school will focus on the things she hasn't yet mastered and get her into her proper grade level.  She, on her own, once these deficiencies are mastered, can move farther along; however, the teacher's goal for G's math is up one grade level min.

I am not upset with G on her scores.  I am very disappointed in the public school that was focusing for 3+ weeks on teaching kids how to take a test that isn't being offered this year anyway instead of teaching math.  Think about how bad it is for the school to not have the gifted kids master their whole school grade math level.  We were specifically told the kids would have advanced math because they were in the gifted advanced cluster.  Or rather they would go faster through the math program than the others, and this particular test showed that my child didn't even finish the 5th grade level because that would have been 5.9 or 5th year ninth month.  And before anyone questions her actual understanding and abilities in math, she has As the whole year in math.

As far as her language, the test was divided into comprehension, in which she scored high 11th grade; spelling and vocabulary, at 8th grade and 4th grade respectively (vocabulary ended in 4th grade in the public school so there you go); and language recognition in which she almost scored outside the test receiving a high 12th grade level. The teacher's concern is finding appropriate aged books in her reading level that she will enjoy.  I let her know that if there are concerns I will read it with her for explanation and navigation through the difficult parts, adult content is the biggest concern.  I am not worried about foul language because Mark Twain used it, CS Lewis used it as did JK Rowling.  I also let her teacher know that she needs to assign the books to G to read and not give her an option or else the books won't get read.

History will be taught (and is being taught) through reading and research of individual people and happenings surrounding the people which means I will probably have to fill in a whole lot.  Science will be applied probably not theory at all and will be in analysis and working to make the school sustainable via gardening etc.  It will be very interesting and I have been very concerned but not overly involved due to the school just getting the foundations laid.  Next year if I see no progress, then I will not hesitate to voice my concerns.

G is really loving the kids (except 1) in her class.  She is already worried that next year she will be left behind but I told her and had it reaffirmed that if she pushes her self and excels they will move her up with her class. Of course I don't need her graduating school early but this is sort of like guided home school where she will move at her own pace and I am so very glad.

With regard to the 1 kid G is not fond of, apparently there is an unrecognized potential diagnosis.  This kid can't read social cues at all.  This child was pulled out of public school due to bullying and now I see why.  This child irritates the kids so badly doing things like chasing them with sticks, and other annoying behavior that when the kid or kids being annoyed strike back as kids are wont to do, this child cries bully.  Anyway, this child gets in trouble every day.  It is sad for this child and this school is small enough that the disruptions are able to be handled but this child is still very disruptive. Hopefully, the parents will do what is necessary and get this child help.  All of this is from G's description of what goes on during the day.

Now on to the uniform, G's should be in soon and she is not terribly upset by the fact that it is a skirt. I purchased her a pair of Tom's for winter dress shoes and uniform and then dutifully patted ourselves on the back for the good deed of Tom's donating the pair to needy kids, heh.  Anyway, I will try to get a picture of her in her uniform to post when it comes in.

Other than that, the cutting of the ribbon for school is coming up.  I hope my parents will attend with me.  G will be on the founder's video.  I am rather excited to see it.  G's project is going well and I feel much better about it after speaking with her teacher.  I think they will learn and grow through the experience.  I won't be able to attend though.

Bible Study Fellowship is going wonderfully well.  I am thoroughly enjoying it and oh so glad the strict rules were relaxed.  That is all for the update for now.  Going to make dinner now.

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