Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November Update

A Great Big Thank You to all of our military and families of our military.  Your devotion and dedication keep us free.  I will never forget that!!

The Halloween Spending the Night Party went well.  G was very tired Saturday.  G had a rough day that Friday with some mean girls at school.  Seems two girls who had already voiced their disapproval of G and her friends got mad that they weren't invited to this party held by one of G's friends.  What makes it worse is there is a girl who goes between the groups stirring the pot.

These mean girls confronted G and made one of her friends cry then proceeded to tell G and another girl that their opinion of them is not like or dislike just don't care at all about them.  G said her throat got tight and she wanted to cry.  I had already warned her about the pot stirrer and not to believe anything she says ever.

I hope G will take my advice and won't let this girl continue pulling these kids in the drama.  She was at it again today G said and even this girl's best friend who is a boy said she has turned into a mean girl.  I wish the teacher would do something about it.

One thing I don't really like about the school is the all on one side focus of saving the earth.  The problem is it is focusing on evironmental-ISM not just ideas about the environment.  Environmentalism has become its own religion.  Saving the earth is a moral works for salvation on the left, thus the draw to punishing people for not agreeing with "global warming/cooling" or "climate change."  Seriously, calls for jailing  the so called "climate deniers" is fascist and scary.  I have no problem with the idea of showing ways to not pollute but please show both sides of the argument as there are two sides.  That teaches critical thinking skills.

Have you seen the article about plastic bags are good for you? See another side of the argument. I purchased James Delingpole's book Watermelons. about the green movement's true colors to read to G for the other side of the argument. She won't read it herself so I have to read it to her.

So the ribbon cutting ceremony and the convocation took place last Thursday. It was very nice.  The mansion is absolutely amazing.  My parents came so I was able to tour with them the buildings.  The school day ended at 12 so G convinced me to take her to Walmart to see its "inner beauty."  She really had some money burning a hole through her pocket.  She purchased a blue tooth keyboard for her phone.

Not much else happening.  G's second presentation of learning is coming up next week.  The kids grouped up to build marble drops and G and her partner's won a presentation spot.  There 3 groups per class being shown.  They had to be voted on and G's was one of the winners.  Her teacher told her and her partner how proud he was of them because they giggled so much he really wasn't sure they were doing anything.

Beginning in January is the confirmation class for G at our church.  I am conflicted about this somewhat.  She is being required to have a mentor and therein lies the rub.  She doesn't really want to ask any grown-up, and I would be very selective anyway.  I just can't see anyone agreeing to be a mentor and giving up their personal time to do so.  It is only for 4 months so maybe we can find someone who is grounded in the Bible and willing to give time.  It is a good idea in theory.  We will see.

So G is now at my parent's church in a middle school Bible study.  I am glad this is an option though I doubt she pays attention really.  She just mostly wants to see her friends from her old school which that is good too.

I will try to post pictures later of some of the fun things at G's school.

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Vivian M said...

Kerri's school is eco-friendly, which means they recycle and the kids have to use the recycling bins for paper and plastic, and they have to bring any lunch refuse home. They also encourage the kids to use re-usable containers for lunches. But that's about it.
I am so sorry Miss G is learning about drama and bullying behaviour first hand. Some kids can just be so mean. I am happy that she tells you about it though. We have been through plenty ourselves unfortunately. Huge hugs to you both!