Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend

What we did:

Painted G's bedroom two different colors. Blue and green on opposite walls. It looks so very good. These are pictures from Saturday night as we started hanging pictures and putting things back in (still not finished).

It took us from around 10am to roughly 10:30pm for us to paint, clean up, run to the store for frames and the new curtain and put things back.

G attempted but not very hard to sleep in her own room last night.  She made it to 9:45 before she gave up and came to sleep in her normal location.  Personally, I really like the colors and the room itself.  There is enough stuff to keep it little girl with just enough stuff to make it look like she is growing up.

And G's elf came back Thanksgiving bringing a toy. Friday found it playing with G's $5 pool table. Saturday, it decided to hang out in a vase with stuffed flowers that decorated G's room. Sunday, it apparently tried to hang out with G's homemade snitch we hung on the fan.

And this morning it apparently was stopped midway of zip-lining through the dining room.

So we still have a few more things to hang in G's room and my living room and dining room make me want to cry.  We have lots of stuff to store away and really not sure when I will ever get around to it.  Hopefully some things can go into the attic.

As for Christmas and her room, she wants some vinyl Harry Potter quotes on the wall. One I ordered having to create it as it isn't a common quote sold.  The other I have ordered from Amazon.  She also wants to buy her own fake tree and her own ornaments.  I don't really want her to do so but it is her money.

We put up a live tree on the weekend G gets out of school for Christmas.  And if the living room isn't cleaned out I may not even do one this year!

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Briana's Mom said...

The room looks terrific!!!