Friday, December 25, 2015

Our Christmas

Happy birthday, Jesus, and Merry Christmas

We spent our Christmas Eve watching our traditional Christmas Eve movie watching: The Santa Claus while following Santa on the NORAD tracker.  We read our traditional books Santa's workshop and elf on the shelf.  We had read Luke 2 earlier in the week at bedtime.
This morning, going through the Santa gifts
Santa's visit early this morning
More Santa gifts, lounging pants
         1 millionth game of Harry Potter trivial pursuit played before and after dinner.

Now we are watching A Christmas Story. We watched it last year but neither of us could find the movie stored right in front of us.  We just kept overlooking it.

My parents came over this morning to watch G open gifts from me.  While here dad picked up pecans in my yard.  Mom's hip was hurting and couldn't help him.  She needs to use a walker, but she won't.

I managed to get the lumos/nox decal on the light switch and the ministry of magic decal on the toilet seat, both Santa brought to G.  Two to go on the wall and we have one more coming for the wall, all Harry potter related.

Well, off to continue spending time watching movies with G.  Good bonding time for sure.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

Christmas puzzle time.

Mom and I are watching The War Room. So very excited for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Happenings

At the Pink Palace last Saturday to see the Polar Express in 3D.  I had to shut my eyes only once which is pretty good since I do get car sick.

Other than that, our festivities begin tonight at my uncle's.  I am off work tomorrow by the kindness of my boss so possibly church at noon.  G wants to stay awake tonight and watch movies.  Hoping there are some good prime Christmas movies ready to watch.  Then tomorrow evening we have Christmas with my parents and then it is our following of the Santa on NORAD Santa.

We are in the midst of severe thunderstorms and threats of tornadoes.  Christmas day is supposed to be in the 70s.  Good times! Good times!  Love shorts at Christmas.  Don't get me wrong we very rarely actually have snow at Christmas, and I am truly okay with that.  We have 4 seasons it is just that usually the snow comes sometimes as late as spring.

G is hanging out with my parents playing on the computer I am sure.  I worked today and went to lunch with the boss which was fun.  Sort of invited myself along but they didn't mind.

Looking forward to a long night of movies.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Cards

So if any readers to the blog received Christmas cards in the past and have not yet received one now; it would be because I have misplaced my address book.  I am sure I placed it somewhere that I would be able to find it easily; however, I can't remember where it is.  When I find it I will send the rest of my Christmas cards.

I will update the blog with new pictures of our Christmas activities.  They haven't been much.  I still can't believe Christmas is here already.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Can't Believe It's Almost Christmas

So from today backwards: G and me at the 3D Polar Express Movie

The Elf in the Candy

G at her school Christmas program

Her Christmas program turned out to be a presentation of learning.  The little statue thing became this 12-14 size thing and there were three titled the Exquisite Corpses.  They played a game inspired by the game from the 1920s called telephone or something where one person writes part of a sentence leaving a few words seen and passes the paper to someone who adds to it until it is a nonsensical story at the end except G's school played the game with animals from the area.

The artist then took all the drawings and brought back 15 cardboard miniatures. The kids teamed up and the artist sent the kids out around the school and inside the buildings to photograph textures and patterns and then he taught them how to make the textures etc on the miniatures.  Then he chose 1 from each of the 3 classes to build into statues.  G and her two friends made the one shown here.
Then the blues singer, Kenneth Jackson, (I don't know him) came and helped the students write a Christmas blues song.  All three classes did really well and he helped them perform the songs.  The whole thing was over in about 45 mins.  It was great.  The blues singer also taught them about the history of the blues and the components to a blues song so this was also part of their learning.

The beautiful blue shirt G has on was an emergency purchase of G, my dad and mom sent on the mission Tuesday when I was notified by tarjay the shirt I ordered specifically  because it was supposed to be here Wed when I needed it was going to be delivered on 12/18.  Now it isn't even going to be here until 12/21.  I am taking it back.  I don't need it and the shirt they picked out is absolutely the best color on her.

She is out of school now until January something.  Christmas is completed we are just waiting for the day to open gifts and have Santa visit.  We put the tree up ($15 from WallyWorld) today and got it decorated after I remembered where I put the lights last year.  I was beginning to panic then I remembered and no G didn't remember.

I received G's school pictures Friday too.  Now we need frames to gift the grands with one (from G).  I have to work though my mind keeps wanting me to believe we are done with work but we aren't!!  G has a friend over tonight.  Usually Sat spend the nights are a no-go for us but parents were in a pinch so she is going to church with us tomorrow too.

Here is our finished tree.  Finished it up by 11:30 then headed to lunch to meet my friend and her son then off to the movie Polar Express.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Not too big

Yesterday's Elf mischief

Last night at the Delta Lights with her friends, this is the good bye hug right before we left.

Today at the Bass Pro Shop to have a photo with Santa. Both girls had their photos made because they aren't too big, yet.

Working on the Christmas village and all that left over sugar icing that they ate by the spoon full.

G has had a very good weekend. We were also successful in getting my dad's Christmas present for clothes to knock about in at home courtesy of the Bass Pro Shop. So something he didn't need but I know he will wear because he wears flannel pants in the winter so this will give him another pair to do the same. G had her best friend stay the night since we met her new best friends at the lights last night. Now I have the left over cleaning to do that I didn't do earlier today.

I remembered what I was going to blog about and that is the indulgence of a grandmother. Friday morning I stopped for gas and there was a grandma and her very young kindergarten maybe grandson for whom she bought an unnatural blue drink and mini m and m's on the way to school. So okay, then I made a comment to the check out person about the sugar high that kid would after they left, as I had seen him literally flicking his ears back and forth with his hands. She said, "Yes, and that is everyday." REALLY?! every morning this grandma gets this kid sugar on the way to school then hands him off for to teachers. And we wonder why some boys have trouble with attention deficit issues...

Friday, December 11, 2015

Elf and updates

Driving on a north pole license

G is making her tree to be all Harry Potter

last night waiting on the town Christmas parade

G's tree topper elf

Last weekend G and I were able to clean up, put away and throw away items and finish G's room.  This item above I thought was a turtle and told G that.  She fell into a fit of giggles and said it was a picture of her putting her bunny in a swimming pool.  She said when she was 4 and one day when I was taking a nap she drew this picture.

She said I had told her to draw a picture like rapunzle did in her Barbie movie.  Rapunzle drew her dreams, so I had suggested G do the same.  G being the literal thinker as all 4 year olds are, drew her dream that she had the night before where she was swimming.g and she took bunny with her, heh. We had a good laugh about that.

In other news. I am taking a break from choir.  They didn't extend the full time position to our newest director for whatever reason and I am taking a long break.  That gives me back 1 night a week, anyway.  I was going to do so before this last guy was hired but decided too give him a chance.  Now however since they termed him Sunday I felt this was a good and proper time to break.

God's timing is always perfect; not necessarily when we want or think it should be but always perfect.  Some holiday financial pressure was relieved in two unexpected ways.  I am grateful for the relief.

There was something else about which I wanted to blog but have since forgotten it.  Maybe later...

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

School Photos 2015

Personally I really like the photos. The company though has a serious restriction on packages and won't allow many options. I copied these off the site but only for the blog. I am ordering the cheapest package and one extra 5x7 for my parents.

I ordered this one below for the package.  Her smile is more honest in the first photo though.