Saturday, December 19, 2015

Can't Believe It's Almost Christmas

So from today backwards: G and me at the 3D Polar Express Movie

The Elf in the Candy

G at her school Christmas program

Her Christmas program turned out to be a presentation of learning.  The little statue thing became this 12-14 size thing and there were three titled the Exquisite Corpses.  They played a game inspired by the game from the 1920s called telephone or something where one person writes part of a sentence leaving a few words seen and passes the paper to someone who adds to it until it is a nonsensical story at the end except G's school played the game with animals from the area.

The artist then took all the drawings and brought back 15 cardboard miniatures. The kids teamed up and the artist sent the kids out around the school and inside the buildings to photograph textures and patterns and then he taught them how to make the textures etc on the miniatures.  Then he chose 1 from each of the 3 classes to build into statues.  G and her two friends made the one shown here.
Then the blues singer, Kenneth Jackson, (I don't know him) came and helped the students write a Christmas blues song.  All three classes did really well and he helped them perform the songs.  The whole thing was over in about 45 mins.  It was great.  The blues singer also taught them about the history of the blues and the components to a blues song so this was also part of their learning.

The beautiful blue shirt G has on was an emergency purchase of G, my dad and mom sent on the mission Tuesday when I was notified by tarjay the shirt I ordered specifically  because it was supposed to be here Wed when I needed it was going to be delivered on 12/18.  Now it isn't even going to be here until 12/21.  I am taking it back.  I don't need it and the shirt they picked out is absolutely the best color on her.

She is out of school now until January something.  Christmas is completed we are just waiting for the day to open gifts and have Santa visit.  We put the tree up ($15 from WallyWorld) today and got it decorated after I remembered where I put the lights last year.  I was beginning to panic then I remembered and no G didn't remember.

I received G's school pictures Friday too.  Now we need frames to gift the grands with one (from G).  I have to work though my mind keeps wanting me to believe we are done with work but we aren't!!  G has a friend over tonight.  Usually Sat spend the nights are a no-go for us but parents were in a pinch so she is going to church with us tomorrow too.

Here is our finished tree.  Finished it up by 11:30 then headed to lunch to meet my friend and her son then off to the movie Polar Express.

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