Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Happenings

At the Pink Palace last Saturday to see the Polar Express in 3D.  I had to shut my eyes only once which is pretty good since I do get car sick.

Other than that, our festivities begin tonight at my uncle's.  I am off work tomorrow by the kindness of my boss so possibly church at noon.  G wants to stay awake tonight and watch movies.  Hoping there are some good prime Christmas movies ready to watch.  Then tomorrow evening we have Christmas with my parents and then it is our following of the Santa on NORAD Santa.

We are in the midst of severe thunderstorms and threats of tornadoes.  Christmas day is supposed to be in the 70s.  Good times! Good times!  Love shorts at Christmas.  Don't get me wrong we very rarely actually have snow at Christmas, and I am truly okay with that.  We have 4 seasons it is just that usually the snow comes sometimes as late as spring.

G is hanging out with my parents playing on the computer I am sure.  I worked today and went to lunch with the boss which was fun.  Sort of invited myself along but they didn't mind.

Looking forward to a long night of movies.

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Vicki said...

Whaaat? Christmas in the 80's down our way. I prefer brisk and sunny but will not whine.
You folks DO get snow in your direction.
Not us. Now I'll whine.

Merry Christmas!