Friday, December 11, 2015

Elf and updates

Driving on a north pole license

G is making her tree to be all Harry Potter

last night waiting on the town Christmas parade

G's tree topper elf

Last weekend G and I were able to clean up, put away and throw away items and finish G's room.  This item above I thought was a turtle and told G that.  She fell into a fit of giggles and said it was a picture of her putting her bunny in a swimming pool.  She said when she was 4 and one day when I was taking a nap she drew this picture.

She said I had told her to draw a picture like rapunzle did in her Barbie movie.  Rapunzle drew her dreams, so I had suggested G do the same.  G being the literal thinker as all 4 year olds are, drew her dream that she had the night before where she was swimming.g and she took bunny with her, heh. We had a good laugh about that.

In other news. I am taking a break from choir.  They didn't extend the full time position to our newest director for whatever reason and I am taking a long break.  That gives me back 1 night a week, anyway.  I was going to do so before this last guy was hired but decided too give him a chance.  Now however since they termed him Sunday I felt this was a good and proper time to break.

God's timing is always perfect; not necessarily when we want or think it should be but always perfect.  Some holiday financial pressure was relieved in two unexpected ways.  I am grateful for the relief.

There was something else about which I wanted to blog but have since forgotten it.  Maybe later...

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