Saturday, December 12, 2015

Not too big

Yesterday's Elf mischief

Last night at the Delta Lights with her friends, this is the good bye hug right before we left.

Today at the Bass Pro Shop to have a photo with Santa. Both girls had their photos made because they aren't too big, yet.

Working on the Christmas village and all that left over sugar icing that they ate by the spoon full.

G has had a very good weekend. We were also successful in getting my dad's Christmas present for clothes to knock about in at home courtesy of the Bass Pro Shop. So something he didn't need but I know he will wear because he wears flannel pants in the winter so this will give him another pair to do the same. G had her best friend stay the night since we met her new best friends at the lights last night. Now I have the left over cleaning to do that I didn't do earlier today.

I remembered what I was going to blog about and that is the indulgence of a grandmother. Friday morning I stopped for gas and there was a grandma and her very young kindergarten maybe grandson for whom she bought an unnatural blue drink and mini m and m's on the way to school. So okay, then I made a comment to the check out person about the sugar high that kid would after they left, as I had seen him literally flicking his ears back and forth with his hands. She said, "Yes, and that is everyday." REALLY?! every morning this grandma gets this kid sugar on the way to school then hands him off for to teachers. And we wonder why some boys have trouble with attention deficit issues...

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