Sunday, January 31, 2016

Poem By G

Malala was born in Pakistan.
She wrote of life under the Taliban.
Despite their control;
She was on a roll.
She wrote truth they didn't like;
They issued a threat against her life.

To go to school was all she wanted.
By nothing or no one would she be daunted.
Shot in the head,
and left for dead
by fighters of Allah.
Do we weep for Malala?
No!! She survives!
She's still alive.

She still speaks for girls rights,
to go to school to expand their sights.
Now a Nobel Peace Prize recipient;
for children's education she remains persistent.

By G. M. Copyright 2016
This cannot be reproduced, copied or shared without permission.

This was the poem G wrote before the Peace Games for school.  I gave her a little help and we started with the 3rd and 4th lines of the 2nd stanza.  It is a pretty good poem if I do say so myself.  G was adamant that it rhymed aa, bb etc.

This week the class is setting up a real live business.  They had elections for CEO, COO, CFO and Secretary.  G tied with a boy who nominated himself for CFO. He also tied for CEO and nominated himself.  G is better at math than he is.  I hope she gets it.

He is the one whom the headmistress referred to as a leader because he is tall.  He really isn't anything but a braggadocio who hasn't anything to back it up, according to G.  She is really nervous about the election.  Her teacher pointed out that the CFO should be really good in math.  G was asked to help the group this boy is in to figure out the costs and expenses of their particular product.  He couldn't even help his own group with math.

Update:  she got the CFO position.  Vote in her favor 10 to 5.  Way to go G.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow Day Update

So the paycheck showed up on Saturday morning.  All, for me at least, is well.  I managed to get the oil changed, get G and finish grocery shopping.

I over slept in my nap and made G late to confirmation.  I was giving wrong times out to her before nap and realized too late.  Anyway, she is there now.  Dinner is started but I feel woozy from a not finished nap.

G herself needed a nap too after staying up too late Friday at the sleep over and last night.  This morning I could hardly wake her up.  She slept so late I was worried she was sick.  She wasn't just tired.

Last night G and I went to the hockey game.  They lost but in double overtime which was cool.  Also, there were two fights one with much blood.  We were really close to the rink but hidden from the fights by the penalty box so we watched them on the screens above the rink.  And it was Fun and Family night with a Christian touch to it everywhere except for the fights and the alcohol freely flowing.  What a combination.  And yes, we go for the fights, kinda like watching NASCAR for the wrecks.

Our snow or dusting is gone completely (was on Friday afternoon even).  Now looking toward the next snowpocalypse to come our way since it is still January.  At least here in the past two years we have had snow/ice as late as March.

I blew up at G today, felt terrible and it was over nothing.  Left her in tears.  Hopefully I made it up to her.  I apologized and told her how badly I felt.  My mouth is a volcano, it erupts in anger when I feel out of control or I think G is showing a lack of gratitude for what I have done for her (not about adoption).  Technically she is a good kid, but as a single child of a single parent she is quite privileged.  Anyway, I think it is over.  We will talk more later about it I am sure.

Tomorrow we are back into the mundane of the everyday schedule for which I am truly grateful.  Excitement like snowpocalypses cause too much anxiety and sometimes too much togetherness, heh.


Friday, January 22, 2016

Snow Day

Everything is canceled and if you saw how much we got you might feel sorry for laugh at us.  I got up to check that school was closed and to see if work was closed.  School was but at the time work wasn't.  G and I had breakfast and headed to work.  Before we were at work but half way there, work was canceled.  We stayed at work for about an hour and 20 mins then headed to the grocery store which was out of ground beef.  I really wanted some bean-less chili.

Pay checks were due today but because of something or other, checks won't be deposited until Monday at the earliest.  Thankfully I had some (little) money in the bank for groceries but not the normal lot.  I feel for some of the employees who don't have that.  The company has agreed to pay fees with verification.

Of course due to the SCARY SNOW STORM, the bank closed.  I never heard of that.  Lots of places were calling closures before the day even proved to be bad.  Next time the hysteria comes out people might not pay attention and then it really will be bad.  They can't know one way or another but hysteria is always a bad reaction.

Now G and another girl were supposed to go to school and then to spend the night with a third friend of theirs.  But of course !!snow day!! so we thought that wasn't going to happen.  The dad of this friend is a super nice guy and adores his daughter, so she begged and convinced him to come pick up her friends for the scheduled sleepover.  G was so excited, I could hardly handle it.  I have my whole Friday afternoon, evening and tomorrow, WOOHOO!!  I will go get her tomorrow before noon.  I needed to have my oil changed tomorrow, but because of no money in the bank can't do that.  Gas isn't looking good either but we will manage.

What a day, what a weekend...

Monday, January 18, 2016

Holiday for Me but not for G

I have the day off work but G has to go school today.  I get to watch all the movies I don't normally get to watch.  She of course is irritated that I wouldn't drive her to school today.  And even being off today I had to get up just as early to take her to her ride.

They will be working on information about MLK Jr.  She said she knew all about it from her public school time.  I told her she could share the information she already knew then.  She may be the most well informed and best educated at the school due to the size of the school she came from, who knows.  

I submitted my financial aid and am hoping to get the same kind of  help as last year.  I don't know if I will be able to afford it if not.  Foolishly last year I played with my W-4 and now I owe about $604 to the IRS. OOPS.  Of course I would rather owe than be owed.  This year however I will not play with it and hopefully have a small refund or not owe so much.

I would like to make a big pot of soup today because it is so very cold out but will need to go to the grocer's to get some bok choy for it.  Not looking forward to going anywhere really which is the point of having the day off isn't it?

G started confirmation classes and meeting with her mentor but complains all the time about it.  Before and after each class/meeting she tells me how much she hates it.

She started basketball Saturday, at least that was the first game.  It was really goo but her team needs to learn to play better defense.  Several points the opponents made could have been stopped if her team had hustled on the defense.  Though G didn't make a basket she did stop at least 2 points.

Low key weekend of laundry mostly.  G has a sleepover this coming weekend I think for a friend whose birthday is today.  I sort of hope she does.  That will mean missing basketball on Saturday but will give me a day to get groceries early.  Plus there is a conference I would at least like to go to on Friday night whether I will get to go back on Saturday or listen to the pod-cast, I don't know.

I am reading an excellent book titled: Churchill's Trials by Larry P Arnn, the President of Hillsdale College.  It is excellent and I recommend it to everyone.  And, no I have not been asked to write anything about this nor to advertise for it.  I get no money from the link and this is now cheaper than when I bought it.

G has started the shadow hunter's series and I am yet to understand this series fully.  I think the things that pop up in it can be maneuvered within a Christian world view.  I don't mean it is a Christian series but that I can deal with issues from a Christian world view and point out the right or wrong or gray areas and how we should view them.

She plans to read the Divergent series next.  This one I may read with her as I am interested as well.  She wants to see the 5th Wave which I don't really wish to see.  Maybe it will be good but I think it will be scary for her and for me.  I don't normally subject myself to horror films or alien films for that matter.  We shall see.

That is about all going on here.  Off to make another pot of coffee and watch movies.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Some of God's Handiwork

In slow traffic the sky was brilliant but less so through a phone camera and windshield.

Also, this morning attempted to start the car and it wouldn't.  Neighbor gave me a jump and now I have a new battery.  Hopefully it will last a long time.

Not much else going on this week anyway.  G is participating in the Peace Games lead by Dr. John Hunter at school.  I am wary because I am pretty sure his world view is not the same as mine.  I haven't any idea of what he thinks about just war theory or where his idea of peace truly comes from.

I asked her teacher and her teacher told me she would be on the lookout not just for me but for other Christian parents as well. I have no problem with exposing G to other world views but I need to know what they are so I can show them to her in light of a Biblical world view.  As in, what is different in this religion from a relationship with Christ.

G started confirmation classes and groans and complains about having to go.  My standard answer is "too bad, you are going."  She has a choice at the end of the class not during it.  I will support her decision after the class.

So off to fix G dinner.  Had to pick her up early today.  Hopefully early day will translate into early bedtime for me!!

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Welcome 2016

2015 ended with late nights; 2016 started with late nights.  Wed. G spent the night with a friend and the girls stayed awake until Thursday morning at 4am.  I picked her up around 1:30 NYE.  She says she woke up at 9:30 while her friend slept on.
  We went homeand were able to get her decals on her walls.  We colored G's new Harry Potter coloring book she received for Christmas.  I will say they look really good.  She has one more ordered that will now be given for her birthday.  We stayed up watching HP movies until 12:30.  Well I stayed up while G fell asleep on my leg and drooled a bit.  She says she was half awake.  We had our customary sparkling grape juice around 11:30 or so.

We slept in until 10:30 on New Year's when my parents showed up and rang the doorbell.  Bleary eyed as I was I let them in saying that we made it until 12:30 which they understood.  Dad went out and picked up the pecans in my yard (which is technically his yard) and mom stayed with me while I made breakfast.

G woke up and we hung out putting the Christmas tree up and going to wally world for the 2nd time in two days.  Too much money spent, but I added a shelf to G's bathroom.  It isn't as stable as I would like due to the pipe from outside comes in at the height that the bar across the bottom is supposed to go.  We won't put lots of stuff on it to make it heavy, but we will put easy to get too things on it like clean towels and wash cloths.  I bought some new shirts getting rid of some that I have been wearing for far too long.

Last night I took G and a friend of hers to the local ice hockey game.  Vicious is all I can say!  The opposing goalie was knocked out by a puck shot in the 1st period and carried off on a stretcher.  The local team was up by one then lost by 4.  G and her friend said the goalie being knocked out was the best part of the game.  This friend stayed to spend the night and went to church with us as well.  The girls were quite giddy and wanted blood drawn during the game.

 Today G started confirmation for our church for the next 12 weeks she will meet with the pastor and G's confirmation class.  She may not go all the way through to  joining the church but at least she will participate in the classes.  We have a mentor for her who I trust to guide her in understanding worship and faith in Jesus.

G is a Christian in the Biblical sense of believing that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior of her life.  That He provided a free gift to all and made that acceptance possible.  As far as understanding and becoming a Methodist, we go to the church out of convenience and out of responsibility.  I wasn't raised a Methodist.  At a point in the future, she may wish to move denominations or go to another church completely.  And at some point in the future I would like to return to the church where she was baptized but that is well into the future when and if a pastor shows up at our church too liberal to tolerate.

I woke up from my nap today feeling like I am getting a sore throat.  I hate sore throats.  I am such a baby about them.  I am looking forward to BSF starting back again.  G will have basketball practice at the same time at my parents church for the next 8 weeks.  School starts back on Tuesday and we do another year.  I am praying this next year will be better than the last.  2015 wasn't bad but we still had struggles.  My mom is not doing well and in steep decline.  I don't know what the future holds; but I know Who holds the future.

May you be come to know the Creator God and be Blessed by Him in the year 2016.