Monday, January 18, 2016

Holiday for Me but not for G

I have the day off work but G has to go school today.  I get to watch all the movies I don't normally get to watch.  She of course is irritated that I wouldn't drive her to school today.  And even being off today I had to get up just as early to take her to her ride.

They will be working on information about MLK Jr.  She said she knew all about it from her public school time.  I told her she could share the information she already knew then.  She may be the most well informed and best educated at the school due to the size of the school she came from, who knows.  

I submitted my financial aid and am hoping to get the same kind of  help as last year.  I don't know if I will be able to afford it if not.  Foolishly last year I played with my W-4 and now I owe about $604 to the IRS. OOPS.  Of course I would rather owe than be owed.  This year however I will not play with it and hopefully have a small refund or not owe so much.

I would like to make a big pot of soup today because it is so very cold out but will need to go to the grocer's to get some bok choy for it.  Not looking forward to going anywhere really which is the point of having the day off isn't it?

G started confirmation classes and meeting with her mentor but complains all the time about it.  Before and after each class/meeting she tells me how much she hates it.

She started basketball Saturday, at least that was the first game.  It was really goo but her team needs to learn to play better defense.  Several points the opponents made could have been stopped if her team had hustled on the defense.  Though G didn't make a basket she did stop at least 2 points.

Low key weekend of laundry mostly.  G has a sleepover this coming weekend I think for a friend whose birthday is today.  I sort of hope she does.  That will mean missing basketball on Saturday but will give me a day to get groceries early.  Plus there is a conference I would at least like to go to on Friday night whether I will get to go back on Saturday or listen to the pod-cast, I don't know.

I am reading an excellent book titled: Churchill's Trials by Larry P Arnn, the President of Hillsdale College.  It is excellent and I recommend it to everyone.  And, no I have not been asked to write anything about this nor to advertise for it.  I get no money from the link and this is now cheaper than when I bought it.

G has started the shadow hunter's series and I am yet to understand this series fully.  I think the things that pop up in it can be maneuvered within a Christian world view.  I don't mean it is a Christian series but that I can deal with issues from a Christian world view and point out the right or wrong or gray areas and how we should view them.

She plans to read the Divergent series next.  This one I may read with her as I am interested as well.  She wants to see the 5th Wave which I don't really wish to see.  Maybe it will be good but I think it will be scary for her and for me.  I don't normally subject myself to horror films or alien films for that matter.  We shall see.

That is about all going on here.  Off to make another pot of coffee and watch movies.

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