Sunday, January 31, 2016

Poem By G

Malala was born in Pakistan.
She wrote of life under the Taliban.
Despite their control;
She was on a roll.
She wrote truth they didn't like;
They issued a threat against her life.

To go to school was all she wanted.
By nothing or no one would she be daunted.
Shot in the head,
and left for dead
by fighters of Allah.
Do we weep for Malala?
No!! She survives!
She's still alive.

She still speaks for girls rights,
to go to school to expand their sights.
Now a Nobel Peace Prize recipient;
for children's education she remains persistent.

By G. M. Copyright 2016
This cannot be reproduced, copied or shared without permission.

This was the poem G wrote before the Peace Games for school.  I gave her a little help and we started with the 3rd and 4th lines of the 2nd stanza.  It is a pretty good poem if I do say so myself.  G was adamant that it rhymed aa, bb etc.

This week the class is setting up a real live business.  They had elections for CEO, COO, CFO and Secretary.  G tied with a boy who nominated himself for CFO. He also tied for CEO and nominated himself.  G is better at math than he is.  I hope she gets it.

He is the one whom the headmistress referred to as a leader because he is tall.  He really isn't anything but a braggadocio who hasn't anything to back it up, according to G.  She is really nervous about the election.  Her teacher pointed out that the CFO should be really good in math.  G was asked to help the group this boy is in to figure out the costs and expenses of their particular product.  He couldn't even help his own group with math.

Update:  she got the CFO position.  Vote in her favor 10 to 5.  Way to go G.

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