Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow Day Update

So the paycheck showed up on Saturday morning.  All, for me at least, is well.  I managed to get the oil changed, get G and finish grocery shopping.

I over slept in my nap and made G late to confirmation.  I was giving wrong times out to her before nap and realized too late.  Anyway, she is there now.  Dinner is started but I feel woozy from a not finished nap.

G herself needed a nap too after staying up too late Friday at the sleep over and last night.  This morning I could hardly wake her up.  She slept so late I was worried she was sick.  She wasn't just tired.

Last night G and I went to the hockey game.  They lost but in double overtime which was cool.  Also, there were two fights one with much blood.  We were really close to the rink but hidden from the fights by the penalty box so we watched them on the screens above the rink.  And it was Fun and Family night with a Christian touch to it everywhere except for the fights and the alcohol freely flowing.  What a combination.  And yes, we go for the fights, kinda like watching NASCAR for the wrecks.

Our snow or dusting is gone completely (was on Friday afternoon even).  Now looking toward the next snowpocalypse to come our way since it is still January.  At least here in the past two years we have had snow/ice as late as March.

I blew up at G today, felt terrible and it was over nothing.  Left her in tears.  Hopefully I made it up to her.  I apologized and told her how badly I felt.  My mouth is a volcano, it erupts in anger when I feel out of control or I think G is showing a lack of gratitude for what I have done for her (not about adoption).  Technically she is a good kid, but as a single child of a single parent she is quite privileged.  Anyway, I think it is over.  We will talk more later about it I am sure.

Tomorrow we are back into the mundane of the everyday schedule for which I am truly grateful.  Excitement like snowpocalypses cause too much anxiety and sometimes too much togetherness, heh.


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