Friday, January 22, 2016

Snow Day

Everything is canceled and if you saw how much we got you might feel sorry for laugh at us.  I got up to check that school was closed and to see if work was closed.  School was but at the time work wasn't.  G and I had breakfast and headed to work.  Before we were at work but half way there, work was canceled.  We stayed at work for about an hour and 20 mins then headed to the grocery store which was out of ground beef.  I really wanted some bean-less chili.

Pay checks were due today but because of something or other, checks won't be deposited until Monday at the earliest.  Thankfully I had some (little) money in the bank for groceries but not the normal lot.  I feel for some of the employees who don't have that.  The company has agreed to pay fees with verification.

Of course due to the SCARY SNOW STORM, the bank closed.  I never heard of that.  Lots of places were calling closures before the day even proved to be bad.  Next time the hysteria comes out people might not pay attention and then it really will be bad.  They can't know one way or another but hysteria is always a bad reaction.

Now G and another girl were supposed to go to school and then to spend the night with a third friend of theirs.  But of course !!snow day!! so we thought that wasn't going to happen.  The dad of this friend is a super nice guy and adores his daughter, so she begged and convinced him to come pick up her friends for the scheduled sleepover.  G was so excited, I could hardly handle it.  I have my whole Friday afternoon, evening and tomorrow, WOOHOO!!  I will go get her tomorrow before noon.  I needed to have my oil changed tomorrow, but because of no money in the bank can't do that.  Gas isn't looking good either but we will manage.

What a day, what a weekend...

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