Monday, January 11, 2016

Some of God's Handiwork

In slow traffic the sky was brilliant but less so through a phone camera and windshield.

Also, this morning attempted to start the car and it wouldn't.  Neighbor gave me a jump and now I have a new battery.  Hopefully it will last a long time.

Not much else going on this week anyway.  G is participating in the Peace Games lead by Dr. John Hunter at school.  I am wary because I am pretty sure his world view is not the same as mine.  I haven't any idea of what he thinks about just war theory or where his idea of peace truly comes from.

I asked her teacher and her teacher told me she would be on the lookout not just for me but for other Christian parents as well. I have no problem with exposing G to other world views but I need to know what they are so I can show them to her in light of a Biblical world view.  As in, what is different in this religion from a relationship with Christ.

G started confirmation classes and groans and complains about having to go.  My standard answer is "too bad, you are going."  She has a choice at the end of the class not during it.  I will support her decision after the class.

So off to fix G dinner.  Had to pick her up early today.  Hopefully early day will translate into early bedtime for me!!

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