Sunday, January 03, 2016

Welcome 2016

2015 ended with late nights; 2016 started with late nights.  Wed. G spent the night with a friend and the girls stayed awake until Thursday morning at 4am.  I picked her up around 1:30 NYE.  She says she woke up at 9:30 while her friend slept on.
  We went homeand were able to get her decals on her walls.  We colored G's new Harry Potter coloring book she received for Christmas.  I will say they look really good.  She has one more ordered that will now be given for her birthday.  We stayed up watching HP movies until 12:30.  Well I stayed up while G fell asleep on my leg and drooled a bit.  She says she was half awake.  We had our customary sparkling grape juice around 11:30 or so.

We slept in until 10:30 on New Year's when my parents showed up and rang the doorbell.  Bleary eyed as I was I let them in saying that we made it until 12:30 which they understood.  Dad went out and picked up the pecans in my yard (which is technically his yard) and mom stayed with me while I made breakfast.

G woke up and we hung out putting the Christmas tree up and going to wally world for the 2nd time in two days.  Too much money spent, but I added a shelf to G's bathroom.  It isn't as stable as I would like due to the pipe from outside comes in at the height that the bar across the bottom is supposed to go.  We won't put lots of stuff on it to make it heavy, but we will put easy to get too things on it like clean towels and wash cloths.  I bought some new shirts getting rid of some that I have been wearing for far too long.

Last night I took G and a friend of hers to the local ice hockey game.  Vicious is all I can say!  The opposing goalie was knocked out by a puck shot in the 1st period and carried off on a stretcher.  The local team was up by one then lost by 4.  G and her friend said the goalie being knocked out was the best part of the game.  This friend stayed to spend the night and went to church with us as well.  The girls were quite giddy and wanted blood drawn during the game.

 Today G started confirmation for our church for the next 12 weeks she will meet with the pastor and G's confirmation class.  She may not go all the way through to  joining the church but at least she will participate in the classes.  We have a mentor for her who I trust to guide her in understanding worship and faith in Jesus.

G is a Christian in the Biblical sense of believing that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior of her life.  That He provided a free gift to all and made that acceptance possible.  As far as understanding and becoming a Methodist, we go to the church out of convenience and out of responsibility.  I wasn't raised a Methodist.  At a point in the future, she may wish to move denominations or go to another church completely.  And at some point in the future I would like to return to the church where she was baptized but that is well into the future when and if a pastor shows up at our church too liberal to tolerate.

I woke up from my nap today feeling like I am getting a sore throat.  I hate sore throats.  I am such a baby about them.  I am looking forward to BSF starting back again.  G will have basketball practice at the same time at my parents church for the next 8 weeks.  School starts back on Tuesday and we do another year.  I am praying this next year will be better than the last.  2015 wasn't bad but we still had struggles.  My mom is not doing well and in steep decline.  I don't know what the future holds; but I know Who holds the future.

May you be come to know the Creator God and be Blessed by Him in the year 2016.


jennifer said...

I hope you two have a wonderful and blessed 2016. Praying for you guys and your mom and dad.

Briana's Mom said...

I'm finally getting back to reading posts!

Love the Harry Potter sayings on the wall!

Glad you all had a nice NYE. Hope you have a wonderful 2016!

Sorry to hear about your mom. I am saying a prayer for you and her.