Saturday, February 27, 2016

Impromptu Mother Daughter Weekend

So this is my mom and me today while re-watching Mom's Night Out

This is G and me last night at the hockey night which theme was Witches and Wizards so G was full on Gryffindor

And this happened at the game causing a 20 min game delay.  Serious players, those hockey teams.

So G and I won tickets to another hockey game for posting a picture on Instagram.  We headed out last night for the Witches and Wizards night at the Riverkings hockey game.  G was one of 7 kids/adults dressed as their fav Harry Potter Character.  G was in full out garb, as instructed I posted her on Instagram with the hockey team's hashtag and we won.

This morning after G's basketball game, in which she made a basket and they won, I took G and mom to Wally world for G to get some clay.  We also picked up a lemon pepper chicken rotisserie for lunch and some bread.  I made mac and cheese for G and asparagus for me and mom.

While I was cleaning the kitchen I showed mom some of the Shutterfly books I have made for G.  She loved them.  She saw a picture of me and G from 2014 and told G that it was her and G.  I looked at the picture and said, "Nope, that is me."  She didn't recognize herself in a picture I had of her from Christmas.  I don't believe she sees herself as her current age nor does she think of others at their current age.  This past Thursday night while gathering our stuff to leave after supper I had to show her who dad was again.  She didn't recognize him.  I even pointed out to her that it wasn't her dad sitting in the chair either.  She doesn't recognize dad as his current age but does recognize pictures of him in their wedding pic or as his younger self.

After lunch when I took mom home and we watched a movie while G played on her phone.  It was a good day but difficult to keep mom out of the cookies.  Even diabetic sugar free cookies in large quantities aren't good for her.  She also chews on her finger nails and cuticles which drives me and dad batty and hurts her hands.  I am not sure which is worse the hurting her hands or driving us batty.  I think it is equal.  I put medicine on her fingertips for her to rub in and then helped her get her silk liner gloves on.  The gloves help some but even those have significant holes appearing in them.  I need to get her several more pairs of those silk glove liners but haven't done it yet.

Dad wasn't home when we got there because he was sealing my house up from stray cats and squirrel which we have now decided is smarter than us.  The stupid squirrel has figured out how to get the bait without triggering the trap.  The squirrel also takes exercise in the round vent things on the roof.  While I was up checking the trap the dumb thing jumped down in view, I screamed at it to make it "GO AWAY,"* and it jumped back in the vent thing.  Then somehow either while screaming or trying to get down fast enough I totally pulled a muscle in my thigh.  Call it a comedy of my errors but I will not be going back into the attic.  Stupidly smart squirrel.

After leaving there G and I came home and are currently watching the Hobbit (1st movie).  G made her clay project and we have had dinner.  I am about to work on my Sunday School lesson to cap it off and then off to bed.  Next Saturday is G's last ballgame.  After her basket today I said, "I'm done, I don't care if they win or lose now that she has made a basket."  Very proud mama and for that matter very proud Grandad!!

* do  you know the movie reference?  It has to do with the 2nd Harry Potter movie.

Friday, February 19, 2016

"She Doesn't Know Who I Am," my dad

Last night my mom called me.  I was at the end of our BSF class.  I stepped out as she told me my dad wasn't home.  I suggested that he was at a meeting, though in honesty I doubted it for I know he wouldn't leave her alone.  I asked if his car was home and walked her through looking for it in the garage.  She said it was there, so I told her to check the bathroom in the back of the house.  I asked her how she called me, and she told me she looked my number up in the phone book.

Then I put her on speaker and texted my dad to ask where he was. He replied at home.  I texted back that mom was looking for him.

He texted back "She doesn't know who I am."

I asked mom if she was alone or if there was someone with her.  She said she was alone.  I said, "Is there a man with you?"

She said that there was.  I said, "That is Daddy."

She said, "No it's not."

I said, "Yes it is. He is just old."

She said, "Why did he do that about that?"

I said, "What did he do? Get old?"  She meant the meeting to which she thought he had gone.

Dad texted me later that he called me for her and that she had been confused all day.  I confess that though I expected at some point this type call would come, I did cry.  It is a milestone in the disease of another piece lost.  This knowing my dad or not knowing him will come and go and eventually be gone forever.  From now on I will handle this call with less sorrowful emotion and more laughter, not at her but to ease tensions.  No, I didn't cry on the phone, I waited until I felt she was good with the answer and off the phone.

I told dad this morning to call me if they need me.  G is staying out there today while I work.  G stayed with me at work Wednesday and Thursday.  I encouraged G to continue to talk to her to help keep her mind grounded as it were in the now not the past.

I will be expecting more calls like this because she is truly going down hill faster than we would like.  My dad is handling it with grace and patience and love for the wife of his youth, which is the marriage God intended.  My dad is truly being tested in this fiery trial, but I know my God will see them both through.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Home at Last

So here is a hint of where she went. This is her friend and G at the character breakfast. G went to Disney World. The dad who took them paid the highest compliment by offering another trip Thanksgiving. Now that my not pan out so no expectation, but the idea that he thought enough of G to contemplate taking her again is a high compliment. You moms know what I mean.

Anyway, they drove straight through Thursday so they had all day Friday and Saturday at DW. They spent Sunday night on the road and got home about 1pm yesterday. I picked her up at my parents. It took a bit to get her to talking about the trip but then when she did she had lots of funny stuff to tell. The dad gave G some money to spend which was totally not expected. Such a gift to G not to spend her own money. She was also pretty wise about what she did purchase.

When she got home she had a gift waiting for her from a co-worker of mine from the conference last week. Now mind you the co-worker is a property manager in another state so though I have spoken to her I hadn't actually met her. She gifted G a bag of goodies, again so unexpected and oh so kind. The picture is of G opening the gift from her. That was added to the goody bag; the other stuff was from the vendors' trade show which is usually just for fun stuff like a red high heeled shoe tape dispenser and flash lights etc.

So this is the tale of the spur of the moment trip of a life time for G.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

So Far

She has responded today at 4:51 pm to my text from yesterday at 7:11 pm when I asked her if it was wonderful with "yes."  That is all I have heard from her.  I texted back for her to send some photos, but she hasn't yet done so.

Tonight I am watching  Dodge Ball with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn and yes it is very old and not exactly kid or family friendly, but it was less than $4 at WalMart Marketplace and I have always wanted to see it.  I like cornball movies like this.  There are lots of cool cameos too.  I watched today Pride and Prejudice, the BBC version with Colin Firth. All the videos I can watch while G is away at least is my plan.

Every time I speak with my mom she asks me when we will be home.  She can't remember that G is the only one gone.  Today I said something about sleeping late and she said, "So you just left G at" the place.  I had to remind her that G is with her friend and perfectly fine or I would have already heard.

Oh and in just to document, Justice Antonin Scalia died today, age 79.  Hopefully the GOP won't allow a justice to be picked while Obama is in office still.  With elections coming up in November that would be US suicide.  Stakes have been upped quite a bit in this election because of this.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Either the Best or the Worst

Mother in the world that is.  G's school is out next week for family vacation or spring break, whatever.  Anyway, one of her friends and her friend's father are off to a fantastic, albeit short, vacation.  Wednesday, G was invited to go along and they left Thursday after school.  Yes it was that short of notice.  After speaking with the dad I was okay with letting her go.  Now however I am second guessing my decision which is showing up in my muscles across my neck and back.  I may not be able to move before the weekend is over. ; \

But I think she will have a great time and it is a once in a life time experience at no expense to me.  This father is very generous, and I am very thankful for the opportunity for her.  I have several people praying for her safety and traveling mercies.  They should be back either Sunday (very late) or Monday.  Oh and she took her own money for souvenirs, one of which will be an ornament for our Christmas tree this year.  She said she wants a t-shirt, ornament and something else that she hasn't seen yet.

Needless to say I have a quiet and lonely weekend ahead of me.  And all of my worst fears are popping in my head at random moments and my dreams.  I probably won't sleep well for the whole weekend until she is back.

I asked the dad if he minded being a pack mule for the two girls.  He said that he told his daughter that they had to at least speak to him during the trip in return for him taking them both, heh.

So after she is back I will update her total trip as relayed to me which may be short in detail.  If you think about it, please pray for safety for the three of them while there and on their return.  Thank you,

Sunday, February 07, 2016


G and I have an unwanted roommate in the attic.  It sounds like a 50 ton elephant particularly when it fell down the wall behind the stove while I was cooking.  So G heard it first while I was at the grocery yesterday morning.  It startled her so much that she texted me to tell me to come home quickly.  She is now too scared to be alone.  So anyway, I heard it too.  I texted my dad about it.  I told him I thought it was a raccoon.  I have had experiences with a raccoon before to the tune of $874.

At one point dad told me to go in the attic and have a look.  Um, nope.  I texted him back with a "No. and I don't want you going up there either."  I thought maybe he could just come over Monday and listen then have someone come get it out.  I don't need my dad falling through the attic or getting bitten by a rabid animal.

But when I texted him about it falling in the wall behind the stove he and mom came to see about it.  Rather, he came to see about it, and because mom can't stay home by herself, she came as well.  He didn't stay long as the little critter decided to go swinging out on the town.  It returned this morning about 7am waking me up.  It is really obnoxious and quite dangerous.  I really don't want the house to catch fire from faulty wires that the critter is chewing on.

G's basketball team won yesterday.  So far they are 2-2.  The thing is they are having, by necessity, to play the same team every Saturday.  We are watching both teams grow against each other.  There are 3 girls on G's team and 1 on the other.  The team is co-ed grades 5-7th.  Not enough girls want to play basketball and really the program where G plays is not as big as it has been in the past.  Mostly the problem comes from not having enough volunteers.

Laundry has been the consistent activity for me this weekend.  We are not watching the super bowl though I will be interested to know who wins.  I don't actually care but would be interested to know all the same.

Time to begin getting ready for bed and the week ahead of us.  G is watching Prince Caspian and it is now at the part that is so sad for me to watch.  She wants the lion, the witch and the wardrobe but that one scene makes me crazy sad.