Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Home at Last

So here is a hint of where she went. This is her friend and G at the character breakfast. G went to Disney World. The dad who took them paid the highest compliment by offering another trip Thanksgiving. Now that my not pan out so no expectation, but the idea that he thought enough of G to contemplate taking her again is a high compliment. You moms know what I mean.

Anyway, they drove straight through Thursday so they had all day Friday and Saturday at DW. They spent Sunday night on the road and got home about 1pm yesterday. I picked her up at my parents. It took a bit to get her to talking about the trip but then when she did she had lots of funny stuff to tell. The dad gave G some money to spend which was totally not expected. Such a gift to G not to spend her own money. She was also pretty wise about what she did purchase.

When she got home she had a gift waiting for her from a co-worker of mine from the conference last week. Now mind you the co-worker is a property manager in another state so though I have spoken to her I hadn't actually met her. She gifted G a bag of goodies, again so unexpected and oh so kind. The picture is of G opening the gift from her. That was added to the goody bag; the other stuff was from the vendors' trade show which is usually just for fun stuff like a red high heeled shoe tape dispenser and flash lights etc.

So this is the tale of the spur of the moment trip of a life time for G.

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