Sunday, February 07, 2016


G and I have an unwanted roommate in the attic.  It sounds like a 50 ton elephant particularly when it fell down the wall behind the stove while I was cooking.  So G heard it first while I was at the grocery yesterday morning.  It startled her so much that she texted me to tell me to come home quickly.  She is now too scared to be alone.  So anyway, I heard it too.  I texted my dad about it.  I told him I thought it was a raccoon.  I have had experiences with a raccoon before to the tune of $874.

At one point dad told me to go in the attic and have a look.  Um, nope.  I texted him back with a "No. and I don't want you going up there either."  I thought maybe he could just come over Monday and listen then have someone come get it out.  I don't need my dad falling through the attic or getting bitten by a rabid animal.

But when I texted him about it falling in the wall behind the stove he and mom came to see about it.  Rather, he came to see about it, and because mom can't stay home by herself, she came as well.  He didn't stay long as the little critter decided to go swinging out on the town.  It returned this morning about 7am waking me up.  It is really obnoxious and quite dangerous.  I really don't want the house to catch fire from faulty wires that the critter is chewing on.

G's basketball team won yesterday.  So far they are 2-2.  The thing is they are having, by necessity, to play the same team every Saturday.  We are watching both teams grow against each other.  There are 3 girls on G's team and 1 on the other.  The team is co-ed grades 5-7th.  Not enough girls want to play basketball and really the program where G plays is not as big as it has been in the past.  Mostly the problem comes from not having enough volunteers.

Laundry has been the consistent activity for me this weekend.  We are not watching the super bowl though I will be interested to know who wins.  I don't actually care but would be interested to know all the same.

Time to begin getting ready for bed and the week ahead of us.  G is watching Prince Caspian and it is now at the part that is so sad for me to watch.  She wants the lion, the witch and the wardrobe but that one scene makes me crazy sad.

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