Saturday, March 12, 2016

Shopping With My Mom

Last night G and I attended the free hockey game we had won previously.  The team won in a shoot out after the game tied at 3-3.  It was a good game.  We got another t-shirt thrown to us.

I set my clocks ahead on Friday so I would be able to sleep before losing an hour.  So when we got home the time reflected 11:30 and this morning when I woke up I had slept about 12 hours.  It was so very nice.

Today I took G to buy a rain coat.  Yes, I waited until the rain is almost ready to move out and bought us both a rain coat.  I had G call my dad to see if my mom wanted to go with us.  She was so eager that she had her purse on her shoulders when we got there.

While driving back to big city mom asked me who that man was at her house.  I basically spent the day reaffirming that was her husband of over 50 years.  Even when we got home she didn't know who he was.  His face was away from us and I pointed to him and said, "Do you recognize him?"

She said, "I can't see his face."  When he turned she did know him but not 3 seconds later while I walked her away she said, "He isn't the one I love."

I knew I needed to get her today because she hasn't been able to swim this week, and due to the rain she wasn't able to go outside and work.  She needed a diversion and my dad needed a break.  I picked up some silk glove liners for her hands.  She chews on her fingers.  Dad laughed at me for buying them, but they help some I think.  We have to remind her to wear them, but we have to remind her to stop chewing on her fingers too.

The rest of her life will be reminding her over and over who we are or who she is or where she is until she can no longer speak.  We are watching her fade.

G and I had lunch at Newks and took mom with us.  She wasn't hungry at all but G and I hadn't had lunch since we had breakfast so close to lunch time.  Mom had already eaten before we picked her up.  When we walked into the restaurant it wasn't raining but before we left it was, hard.  I ran out to the car to get the jackets we had just bought and an umbrella; then, I promptly fell inside the restaurant from slippery shoes meeting slick stone floor.  SO VERY EMBARRASSED.  I will probably be sore tomorrow.

Anyway, I want to get to bed early so I don't lose an hour.  Laundry has to be done too since we played the day away.

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Steph B said...

Alzheimer's is such a terrible disease, and so sad.