Thursday, March 24, 2016

What We've Been Up To

Friday I took the day off because I had been asked to read at a funeral of a class member.  I normally don't go to funerals, but because I was asked to read I did.  G on Wed jumped weird on her foot at school so I took Friday afternoon to get her an x-ray of her foot.  It wasn't broken but sprained.

Last Saturday I took my mom and child to the new outlet mall near us.  I was able to get G's summer Sunday clothes and what she will wear to Easter.  This is the last summer for shorts.  Next summer will have to be pants or a skirt.

Mom did pretty well.  The weather decided to turn cold again particularly last Saturday and we froze running from one store to the other.  So freezing to us is 60 just so you know.  Mom walks slower now.  Her conversation doesn't really make sense to us much so she stays quiet mostly.  But we had a great Saturday and dad was able to mow his whole yard which takes roughly 6 hours.  I was glad to give him that time without worry.

G decided she wanted to plan basil so we purchased two hanging pots, dirt and seeds for her to plant which she did on Sunday afternoon.  Then it got even colder.  I hope the seeds come in and didn't get frozen or get hit with frost.  Our planting season is technically April to July for basil.  

This week is Holy Week.  Tonight, for the first time, our church held a Passover Seder.  It was very nice.  Tomorrow night is our Good Friday Service.  We didn't have a typical Maundy Thursday service.  

Today at work the head of my department offered me one of his vacation days for tomorrow, and I accepted gratefully.  I am off work tomorrow.  He said he wasn't accruing any more because he had too many hours, so he offered tomorrow's hours to me!!  He said it would be a very slow and quiet day.  I agree it has been a very quiet week.

Yesterday I had to take G to school because I completely overslept by 30 mins.  I woke up at what I thought was 5:35 which would have been before the alarm went off except I misread and it said 6:35.  Yea! ME. Of course I didn't realize what had happened even after I heard the 6:30 program on the radio.  I couldn't refocus to the actual time.

Anyway, I apparently changed the alarm last Friday night and forgot to reset it.  It wasn't going to go off at all.  I didn't set the alarm Sunday night (forgot) and overslept by like 10 mins, but I realized I had done it so it didn't really affect much.  Tuesday I woke up 15 mins before normal and just got out of bed.  Wed. not so much.  I was an hour and 6 mins late to work.

At G's school they studied the scientific method so today they put it into practice with a murder mystery.  G was the medieval farmer's wife whose daughter was killed by wolves.  This is the outfit I pulled together with a set of rosary beads which she wore today.  They were out of school half day and off tomorrow and Monday.  

Dad said that tomorrow he will bring the big mower in to mow my yard for the first time this year.  He got my mower in shape for the summer.  Mom will come with him and maybe we will do something.  I offered to go out to the house while he mowed but he said he would bring her into town.

So that is all for now.  I am off to bed to enjoy a day off work.

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