Friday, April 22, 2016

It's Here

 She's 12
last day of age 11

birthday breakfast
She should be mowing my parent's yard today.  She may be finished by now.  Tomorrow we are spending the day together.  Since she is out of school, I couldn't invite her friends over.  If the school takes this break every year around her bday, she won't be in school on her birthday for the next 4 years.  

Happy Birthday, G!!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Catch Up Time

So we did the make up confirmation last Sunday.  A fellow Bible study attendee took this pic of us.  We are the center people in the pants.  So now G has confirmed her faith in Christ in front of our church with her very sweet mentor beside us.  She also joined the church officially.  She also moved into the youth group and has an opportunity to go to Canada on a youth trip.  How cool is that?

I have to get her passport next week.  Rather apply for it.  I have to find all of the paperwork and get her old passport and all that rot.

Yesterday G found a sandwich bag with a lot of white moldy powder and a set of measuring spoons.  It turned out to be dry wall but the problem is that it wasn't there last Saturday when I mowed, and it was roughly 4 feet from our back patio or in other words, way to close to the house.

I called the non-emergency police to make sure it wasn't something nefarious.  I don't feel badly about it because a year or more ago our neighbor found a baggy with needles and pills between our yards, so who knows what people throw when running.

That is about all the excitement that I can stand for a weekend.  This coming Friday G will be 12.  She is out of school Friday, Monday and Tuesday.  Maybe my dad will have her mow his yard as unless my mom is watched out for he can't do it.

Now I have to go and color with my G.  Sometimes we both like to revert to our childhoods.

Monday, April 04, 2016

Re-Introducing Favorite Foods

I believe G is completely over it.  She is having residual tummy aches but her tummy had a virus so I suppose that is to be expected.  This morning she had one of her favorite breakfasts, grits with cheese and scallions.  So far so good.  I didn't give her any bacon.  She did wake up hungry which she hasn't been hungry at all.

I am keeping her home again today because yesterday at 2 pm-ish her fever was hovering around 100, which isn't very high but high enough to make me keep her home today (fever free for 24 hours is the deal).  I ended up giving her an ibuprofen for her leg that was hurting, but I wasn't going to give her any so the fever could fight off the sick.  I fed her chicken noodle soup with rice in it for supper, and she said it made her hot.  Coincidentally I believe, her fever broke at that moment.  She said she felt sweaty which was a good thing.

Today I will have her sit up all day not lay about and drink water and gatorade, more than she did yesterday.  She is also to get a shower and change her clothes into regular shorts and t-shirt.  I didn't make her change yesterday, why bother.  She hasn't been sick at all other than feeling poorly since Saturday morning.  My dad embarrassed her by suggesting that she had the Noro virus (spelling).  I told him that when I asked if she was sick from that end too she said, "That can't happen!"   I told her that it most certainly could happen.  I think that grossed her out a bit.

As usual, she has been an angel in attitude as she is wont to do when she is sick.  Seriously, she is the best most obedient non-smartalek-y kid in the world when she is sick.  Today, since she is well she may be not quite as good.  Best of all, I haven't gotten it.  Hopefully, I won't.

My dad offered to keep her today so I could go to work.  Two things about that, one my mom would have driven G crazy, and two I would have had to wake her up so early, and she wouldn't have gone back to sleep for a nap.  She has slept a lot these two days which she needed to help fight this.  She has gone to sleep fairly early and napped Saturday for 3 hours and yesterday for 30 mins or so.  G NEVER naps.  I just felt that I needed her to sleep as much as she could or would so I am taking a day to stay with her.  If I didn't have the PTO I probably would have taken her to dad's and stressed myself all day about how she was.

So YEA! we survived the sickness.

Saturday, April 02, 2016

This Is What Sick Looks Like

Totally knocked her out.  At the time of the photo it was after 1:30pm.  She NEVER naps.  She had spent the night with a friend from school and at 2am she woke up to throw up.  Then she said she threw up at 7am  and texted me at 8 something to see if I was going to come get her.  The original plan was for the mom to either bring her home on their way to big city or let me know to come get her.  I was in the grocery store parking lot when she texted, so plans changed.  I put my cold things up then headed out to get her.

The mom had called to find out what to do.  I told her to keep her near a bathroom and give her water so she doesn't get dehydrated.  Little did I know that G would gulp it while laying still.  When I got there to get her, the movement of her walking to the car made the water in her tummy swish so she didn't make it to the car before throwing up again and again in the car.  I came prepared with washcloths and bags and bottled water.  I told her to sip the water not gulp.  She hasn't thrown up again.

The stomach bug has taken a BIG hit at her school so it really was only a matter of time.  I initially called my mom to see if she would ride up to get G but then while on the phone with her changed my mind.  I only wanted to get her home and not make a random stop.  Problem with my call was that i totally got mom worked up (this she can remember).  I wasn't able to call them back until noon.  We got home around 11 so my mom was not only beside herself with worry it added stress to my dad and mom stopped recognizing my dad again.  Way to go, me!!

I failed to get any pedialite or gatorade or saltine crackers but I did manage to make a pot of (my version) congee.  She was able to get a small bowl down and so far it has stayed down.  Her fever though jumped to 102.4.  I gave her some ibuprofen and two cold washcloths.  And just so you know, I have a sympathetic gag reflex which doesn't take much.  Also, G kept discussing the color of her stomach contents which did not include food.  I had to beg her to stop talking about it while I drove home.

China adoptive moms may know about congee, G was fed congee in China and I made sure to keep feeding it to her while in China.  Basically it is well boiled rice in a broth with other nourishing items in it. Mine had rice, chicken broth and a wee bit of ginger to help settle the stomach.  She said mine tasted of nothing really and she is right, I made sure it was rather bland.  We will add flavor as she gets better.  I was dying to put some scallions in it but I will wait on that. Best purchase I ever made was a rice cooker.  Tiger brand is the name.  I buy the Botan rice because it is the white sticky rice we like.  I have bought the brown rice by Botan as well but don't do so often.

When we got home she was able to shower and brush her teeth so that helped too.  I told her to get out of the car very slowly so as to not slosh around what little water she did drink in the car.  My biggest fear is dehydration.  G is not good about drinking anyway.

And tomorrow is confirmation which she will now miss.  If she does it now it will be alone as a make up day.  I notified the pastor via phone message asking that he text me back to tell me he got the message.  I have yet to hear from him.  I got someone to take my Sunday School class and let G's mentor know that she can't make it.  I also let my boss know that I probably will not be at work on Monday.  Unless her fever miraculously breaks by 7am tomorrow she won't be able to go to school on Monday.  I also want her good and well not half way well.  She needs to be able to eat something solid not bland soupish stuff.

Anyway, I had a great time last night indulging myself in my guilty pleasure of a movie that G can't watch with me.  Probably wouldn't even if she could.  The name of it is Mortdecai starring Jonny Depp and Gwyneth Paltrow.  So totally funny but rated R, there is the warning.  Amazon Prime has it for free which is one reason I found it.  Then I discovered it is based on a book from the 70s which I purchased the first one on kindle.  Truly laugh out loud, sort of pink panther type mystery spy thriller all at once.

My mother has to come see G so dad just texted to see if there was anything they could get me.  I gave them three things if they were coming into town.  I think my mom needs to see her for herself.  I want all of my mom back.  This particular moment it would be nice to have my mom to discuss how to do this parenting a sick child thing.  Yes, I know how but now it the moment I really feel the gradual loss of my mom.  I do regret telling her though because this has upset her and my dad.  I have to learn that there are things that I can not tell her anymore because her mind doesn't work right.

So pray for us particularly that this goes away and I DO NOT GET IT TOO!!  I can't be ill with a throw up sickness.  Oh how I hate to throw up.