Sunday, April 17, 2016

Catch Up Time

So we did the make up confirmation last Sunday.  A fellow Bible study attendee took this pic of us.  We are the center people in the pants.  So now G has confirmed her faith in Christ in front of our church with her very sweet mentor beside us.  She also joined the church officially.  She also moved into the youth group and has an opportunity to go to Canada on a youth trip.  How cool is that?

I have to get her passport next week.  Rather apply for it.  I have to find all of the paperwork and get her old passport and all that rot.

Yesterday G found a sandwich bag with a lot of white moldy powder and a set of measuring spoons.  It turned out to be dry wall but the problem is that it wasn't there last Saturday when I mowed, and it was roughly 4 feet from our back patio or in other words, way to close to the house.

I called the non-emergency police to make sure it wasn't something nefarious.  I don't feel badly about it because a year or more ago our neighbor found a baggy with needles and pills between our yards, so who knows what people throw when running.

That is about all the excitement that I can stand for a weekend.  This coming Friday G will be 12.  She is out of school Friday, Monday and Tuesday.  Maybe my dad will have her mow his yard as unless my mom is watched out for he can't do it.

Now I have to go and color with my G.  Sometimes we both like to revert to our childhoods.

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