Saturday, May 28, 2016

3rd post in 2 days

First gladiola bloom of the season

Newest member of the fish family, Perry the platy-fish. Henry the Second isn't happy yet so hopefully Perry will survive.
Took mom and G to lunch.  We had some errands to run.  Mom was completely overwhelmed and didn't eat much.  I also couldn't ascertain if she was hungry after or not.  I took her left overs to dad.  I told him that she got overwhelmed and he said that happens sometime.

We have nothing really to do this weekend and G is giving me the "I'm bored" mantra.  I told her that she will have a miserable summer of she doesn't learn how to entertain herself, what with this being the beginning of the summer.

Yea, bring it on.  Gonna, be a long slow summer...

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