Sunday, May 01, 2016

A Tale of Two Fish

Otherwise known as the most expensive weekend G and I have had that didn't include a holiday.

Meet Henry the Second.  Being a second you would guess there had to be a first, but you say, "I don't remember there being a post of a Henry the First.  Dear Reader, you would be right.  There wasn't time to post about Henry the First before he was boiled to death due to the heater the pet store employees assured us we needed that would work in our 1/2 gallon tank.

So G needs a pure white dress for the closing ceremony of her school.  We spent the day in town next to big city dress shopping.  After dress shopping we added a beta to the family because our first beta from last year died.  It was sort of a reward for focusing on getting a dress and shoes to wear for the one day.

G found a very pretty double tail fish and we brought it home, added to the tank the heater that the employee said we could bring back if it was too hot eventually went to bed.  This morning fish was dead, the water was 102.7 and G was ticked off at me.

After church we took fish and heater back to the same employee (who happened to be working) and said, "You told me if the heater was too hot I could bring it back, here it is with the fish.  We took it to church for a miracle, alas there wasn't one."  We did take it to church but left it in the car and expected no miracle.

This time however, we upgraded tanks to a 1.7 gallon with no heater but it has bubbly water and a light. We also got a thermometer that clearly tells us the "safe zone" for the fish.  I told this sales person at the other petco our tale of woe with regard to betas and she said if this one dies we should give up, get a serious tank and try other fish.  I agree with her.

We added a beta buddy live plant that looks like a ball of fuzz that should help keep the algae down.  I also moved a lamp close by for the evening when it gets cool to keep the water temp in the safe zone.  G actually wants a 10 gallon tank with other fish in it along with the beta like tetras.  We have seen some pretty ones.  I told her that since we have a big trip coming up in June we would need to wait until after to do the big tank especially since we can't keep the betas alive for l long.  We need to at least keep this fish for a while before we invest in a full 10 gallon tank.

Anyway, that was our weekend.  On the upside we ate lunch Sat and Sunday at two great Asian places.  YUMMY YUMMY and I told G we would need to go to either the next time we have a special day to celebrate.

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