Friday, May 27, 2016

Closing Ceremony and Other Ramblings

G with what has turned out to be one of her favorite teachers. He is the manager of the facilities and head of the maker's space. He said some mighty nice thing about how she truly bloomed out this year and how she is so kind, cooperative, and lots of things I wish I had recorded. He and G are going to start a chess club next year.

G with the founding head of school, who was in a lot of pain due to knee replacement and soon coming hip replacement.

G with her teacher who will not be returning next year

G with the owner of the town and founder of the school

A jug band was brought in to play and helped the students sing a closing ceremony song written for this occasion. The students played the kazoo with them.  It was really good to be honest.

My hydrangea blooming beautiful purple blooms and lots of standing water from the rains we received last night.

Since the closing ceremony we have been to the grocery store, cleaned the fish tank and medicated the fish.  In the process I broke the air stone so with receipt in hand I have to go back to the store and get it replaced.  It is stuck in the tubing and just fell apart.  Also, I am working on laundry.  Feels like Saturday.

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Vicki said... the school in a castle?! It's gorgeous! Is think you'd have to be pretty sharp to teach there -- and go there. G is obviously a good fit.
Hope the summer "bored" mantra gets better. Fingers crossed.