Friday, May 06, 2016

Just to Catch Up

So the new fish has fin rot.  YEAH!  G is so upset and totally mad at me for not giving her the sympathy she feels she deserves.  We discovered it last night and haven't had time to clean the tank. That will happen on Saturday.  Of course you can't clean the fish and the water he must wait while we clean the tank.  Then we shall still have the bacteria on it when we put it back in.  I am not sure how to get it completely clean without re-tainting the fish.

The day after G's birthday we went to the zoo. We renewed our membership so now she and I can go any weekend. This is G with the red panda. The trick is to go early at the opening. It is cool then and parking isn't an issue.

This is G with the real panda

This is a cheeky posing fish or the blow fish warning us to stay away. Not quite sure what the toothy smile is. And yes it really did bare its teeth at us several different times.
We were able to pet the stingrays again. I even got to pet a shark that swims with them. G was still a bit afraid of them this year so I think she only pet one or two.  It was a fun day spent.  We took a picnic lunch.  I think we saw everything that was open.

Good news I am going to go on the youth trip with G and our church.  I am very much looking forward to it. Now however my dad will have to keep the fish alive for a week.  YEAH!

My sister was in to visit my mom this week and took G with her on a 3 mile walk.  Really, mostly I get the feeling my sister hates me and doesn't like G much, so I was glad to know she invited her to walk.  G will talk to individuals alone but not necessarily in groups of people.  This has the tendency to make G look extremely rude.  My sister is extremely sensitive to rude or stupid people and doesn't care for them much.  G told her more about the project for the fitbits at school which I didn't even know in full.  So I was glad she took the time to get to know G a bit more and spend time with her.  But then I looked stupid with not knowing or understanding the project or reason for the fitbit purchase for her class.

Now I need to go research how to heal fin rot.  This stupid fish will probably cost me a fortune.  I have had to even turn our heat back on!!  So. not. happy.

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Briana's Mom said...

Ugh - sorry to hear about all of your fish woes! Doug and I had a tank many years ago and we were complete failures at keeping our fish alive, so we decided to give it up. Luckily, we have had much better luck with cats. LOL!