Friday, May 27, 2016

last day of school and closing ceremony

To say she is not happy to wear a dress would be a gross understatement.
yesterday at the end of the year field day, g won this mouth gadget.
Today is the closing ceremony for her school.  She had to wear a dress and it isn't going well.  She is standing like a hunched over monkey rather than standing straight.  She claims I never taught her how to stand up straight.

The mouth gadget flashes lots of different colors so it is pretty cool.  Today feels like a Saturday.  I will be so very confused by Tuesday next week.  I hope I remember to go to work.

We had a deluge of rain last night.  Many wrecks this morning in big city.  I heard a car drove off an overpass onto the interstate below.  I hope I heard wrong.

We are going to do our Saturday stuff today so we have tomorrow to take my mom to lunch.  G will be going with my parents to my nephew's graduation so I get I night of a decent sleep.

G is now legally allowed to stay home by herself but now she doesn't want to.  Still fighting fin rot in the fish.  Nothing else really going on.

Have a great weekend and go to your place of worship this weekend because the Creator deserves our worship.

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Briana's Mom said...

That mouth piece is so crazy! LOL! She looks very pretty in her dress.