Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Quick Update

G made this flower for me in Sunday School on Mother's Day. And like any good mom would do, I embarrassed her by taking a selfie with it while in church.  Oh and that is my paternal grandmother's nose I inherited, lucky me.

This below, however, was my real gift. An error that G made into an art piece. A friend at school attempted to 3d print her own mom's initials but the M broke off with part of the other letter leaving a lump. She gave it to G, and when G showed me I instructed her to make me a flowery bush with a bee on it. I think it turned out really well.
At G's school 2 weeks ago they had a chef from NM come for a week to teach them how to cook and even made them all a recipe book. On the last Friday the students made and served lunch to some guests of the school. One of the recipes was for chocolate ravioli (or what I like to call, fried chocolate wontons). Here is G getting them ready to be fried. This particular day I fried while G prepared.  I got my mom to help G prepare the edges with egg.

Mom is looking at G with eyes that seem to be questioning if she is or is not doing it correctly. G was oh so patient and twice I heard her correct mom by reminding her to just put it on the edges. Mom was a bit worried that she messed up G's cooking but I assured her that she could not have messed anything up as it was oh so simple to make.

Mom won't remember helping or trying the treats but G will.  Though they were messy, we may make them again.  The nice thing about them is they can be re-heated in the oven so they won't go to waste.

Henry II is doing well.  His color is good.  He swims enthusiastically.  He greets us at the front of the tank when we come by and seems to want to stay there while we are standing there.  I believe we fixed the fin rot.  The cleaning of the tank takes about 45 mins total every Saturday.  Now, we are committed to making sure Henry lives to a ripe old age of 3, for that is as old as I believe bettas get.

G is almost out of school with less than 2 weeks left to go.  This summer I hope she will be of use to my parents and truly help my dad with mom.  Dad can't be outside with mom inside for over an hour which means he can't mow his yard if someone isn't with her.  But G can mow for dad and he can wander in and out to do short tasks while mom is inside which is very beneficial.

I just wish he would ask us to come out and spend the day on a Saturday so he can work when he needs it.  I mean I know I am always welcome, but I do plan other activities for us.  If he would but ask, I could come do their laundry (with mine) and at least fix lunch on Saturday while G mowed and Dad got things done in his yard.  My yard is so small I can mow it Sunday afternoon.

So we have  a trip with the youth group coming up for which I think we are both excited.  I am anyway.  Hopefully I will get some really nice photos of G dressed up next Friday at the closing ceremonies.  Some of G's friends from her old public school are being pulled out and going to a private school next year as well.  G feels really badly for her friend because she knows how hard it is to leave her friends.  She will not let it go and attempts to make me feel badly for sending her to a private school.  I, however, have no sympathy and expect one day for her to understand why I did it.

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That "M" looks super cute! Love your selfie. :)