Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Not a Pleasant Update

But first a photo

This is G at the organized mass chaos at Centrikids camp at OBU the week of 7-25 to 7-29.  She left on our 11th family anniversary.  She had such a good time and came home talking about two girls she met there who were sisters.  We ran into the church leader who took them to camp at the wally world parking lot, and I asked about the girls and their mom.  As it happened he said the mom worked there, told us where and she was easy to locate so we gave her G's number to pass on to the girls.  Now they can stay in contact.

Onto the bad, my mom fell Thursday morning around 2 a.m.  Dad didn't know she had even gotten up so he didn't know it until it was too late.  She has a spinal compression fracture.  The ambulance had to come get her.  They got home around 930 that morning.

This morning she tried to get up, and he didn't hear her and she fell (not as hard) on the floor by her bed.  She won't stay in bed but she can't set up for long.  She doesn't realize she is home.  He needs an alarm for her so he can sleep and will wake him if she gets up.

Anyway, my dad is a prisoner because no one can spend all day with her for bathroom needs. Tonight when I got ready to leave from sitting by her bedside she tried to get up.  I texted G who was in the den and told her to grab dad and come back where we were.  She tried to get up again and dad stopped her.  I had already offered to stay so dad could get his shower, but he declined.  Now I think I should have made him.  I will tomorrow.  G will mow his yard for him.   Yes, G can sit with her and not let her get up but she can't help with potty needs or food needs.

So there we are now a bit farther down the road of Alzheimer's as each trauma pushes it a bit farther.  This has been just as traumatic for my dad.  He blames himself of all of it.  He had forgotten to turn on the night light in the bathroom so she couldn't see.  He even blames himself for giving her too much medication that made her get up and fall this morning.  She doesn't take medicine well anyway and he was trying to stay ahead of the pain.  He doesn't want her to hurt.

The love between them is just so uplifting to watch.  He just loves her.  She thought she saw him yesterday while I sat with her (he wasn't there) and pointed to him with a smile on her face told me to look at him.  I think she saw a photo of him but she believed it to be him.  He had walked out of the room.  I asked if she meant the photo and she described where he was "standing" but he wasn't there.
She asked about her mother today and I had to remind her that she has been dead for over 10 years.  She gave me the "talk to the hand" hand.  I had to remind her what year it is and that the grandparents are all gone.  I don't like that task.

If you readers (if there are any) think about her, please pray for them both.  There is a reason God is allowing this to happen and of course we will all die of our last disease, illness or accident.  So we are just watching the process in slow motion.  One day, she will be with her Savior free from this confusing disease.  Until then we remain in the church militant praying against the gates of hell so that it will not stand.  Death was defeated when Christ rose from the grave.  He is alive.


Steph B said...

I will pray for all of you. Alzheimer's is terrible. Steph B

Briana's Mom said...

I have been so behind in reading blogs - I am so sorry to hear about your mom. Alzheimer's steals your life away. I'm praying for both your mom and dad (and you and G too).