Sunday, September 11, 2016


Fifteen years later and we are not safer.  We are not safer because our ruling elites refuse to acknowledge the link between an ideology that teaches all unbelievers are infidels who deserve death and the followers of that belief system.  SJWs stand shoulder to shoulder with those who wish to oppress our free people under sharia.  Social Justice Warriors are using political correctness to do the same as sharia, take away the freedoms given to us by God, not government.

I want my country back.  I want 100% assimilation to Western ideals and Western beliefs which are not compatible with islam.  There I said it, and I believe it.  The change though will not come from government.  The change will only come from the heart as individuals come to meet Christ.  Therein lies the Christian's work:  pray for those who persecute you and love your enemies.  God can and will change the hearts of His enemies, as we all are born enemies of His (Romans 5:8).  He took the first step of redemption which was the cross, and in His resurrection He offers redemption to the world (John 3:16).

Even if our government takes away our freedoms as they seem determined to do, I will stand and proclaim God's truth from His word no matter the cost.

On to updates:  mom is still confused.  Friday she continued to ask me if I picked up one of those children.  She even said she thought it was going to be a boy when I pointed to G.  She asked me if I talk to her mom and when I explained she is dead, mom said she knew that.

So I told her I didn't and then she said, "Something about this ain't right."

Found out last week that my cousin has 3rd stage breast cancer and lymph nodes are engaged.  She will have treatment and then surgery in February.  She starts her treatment the week of her birthday which is soon.

G came home Friday from school in such a foul mood.  I just went to bed after getting the dishes done.  I wonder now (of course after the fact) if her feelings were hurt because of mom's memory.  Surely not though because she knows.  I know it still hurts but mom seemed to understand that G belongs and wondered if I was bringing another child not G.  It seemed that in her mind G belongs and wasn't the one I was going to get.

Currently, G is at youth group.  Once upon a time our youth group was or seemed like a very huge cohesive fun and friendly group.  Those kids graduated and it doesn't seem to have the same cohesion.  G is miserable in it but won't invite her friends from my parent's church to come.  It is important that she goes.  Mostly the group seems to be shrinking.  The kids in the group are still super nice but there is a definite age divide that is bigger than it used to be.

Twelve is a hard age and everything is terrible or so believes G.  She told me Friday that her life is terrible and when I tried to compare her life to a child in oh, I don't know, let's say Syria she said, "There can be two kinds of terrible."  Fair enough.

I am praying for compassion for her from me.  At least Friday I didn't have any.  She doesn't like her ride to and from school which is causing me great consternation because I know she is miserable but I haven't an option right now.  She is also mad that she has to leave at 3pm because her ride is a primary student who leaves at 3.

She told me that if we were the ones giving someone a ride and the person couldn't leave until 10 after we could that we would wait.  I told her that she was right because to me, I would have made a commitment and we would have put our own time and comfort aside to make sure that person could get home.  We are not the same people, what can I say?

Work is going well as far as I can tell.  I am still so grateful to have a job.  I do wish it were closer to home so I wouldn't have to spend so much on gas every week.  G and I bought some house plants Saturday.  She is currently obsessed by succulents and no, I don't know why.  She bought 2.  I bought some air purifying plants and a philodendron. We really don't have enough light for plants but what ever.  I sealed our game side of the table yesterday but ended up hurting the original side so I painted the mess ups and will re-seal that next week.

G bought the Hunger Games movie ($3.74 at WalMart).  I hate that movie.  I saw it with her on DVD and have warned her that I will not watch it with her.  She started it today at 2:30 while I was napping but when I got up it was still on. I wasn't happy.

I hate everything about that movie and book series though I can see how it can be a political commentary on our own country with the coastal elites so out of touch with the "fly over" country.  The violence doesn't make it enjoyable even with the commentary.

Anyway,  maybe I will or not keep the blog updated.  As G gets older her privacy is more important.  I guess I don't have as much to say either in general.  So now that school has started we are back in the swing.  I have to remember to fix G lunch which honestly is harder than it seems after a year off.

Have a great week and never forget to pray for those who protect us from all enemies foreign and domestic.

Thursday, September 08, 2016


The 1st day of school. This year it started 2 days before last year.

She was very excited to go to school today.  She has been ready to start and though there were no delays like last year the school wasn't completely ready.  Her class had no smart board nor had any internet access.

I took today off as a tradition of dropping her off and picking her up for the first day.  Yes, I could have gone to work for 5 hours but I wanted some me time.  I will have driven to her school 3 times today, once to drop her off, then to pick her up and finally to go to a parents' meeting at 6.  G will have to stay with my parents after school.

Her teacher is a hunter. At first I was okay with him but I glanced at some of  his book choices in the class and am left feeling unimpressed and afraid of his potential marxist SJW tendencies.  I will just have to watch what happens and what G brings home to read.  He has said that he will not require students to read anything like the last teacher did.

A week before school started the end times for school changed for the older kids.  I am hoping that our ride doesn't mind waiting 10 minutes to pick G up beginning tomorrow.  G still wants to go to my parents so I am  hoping they will still be able to pick her up at our ride's home.  It will give my mom a break in the day too.

My mom is so much better and almost back to where she was before her fall but it has been a month and a half so she is where she is expected to be.  She has been able to go back to swim but long car drives are not good for her.

My cousin just called to tell me that she has stage 3 breast cancer.  She is starting treatment on her birthday next week.  Makes me sad and worried.

I turned another year older and spent that morning with G at the zoo.  The weather was very nice. The elephant was just hanging out drinking water and eating hay.  His back legs were just resting, heh.

Monday, G and I painted the other side of the train table top with the three game boards. We will seal it this Saturday. We are trying to grow our train table up into a more adult coffee table/fun table. I plan on painting it a light brown with a dark brown wood texture over it. I haven't gotten the texture roller yet. At least I thought you could get a roller to do it but maybe it is a 1/4 role instead. I also haven't picked up the paint yet.

We completed two more puzzles and have 2 more to go.  Walmart had a clearance.  We don't save them like G and my dad do.  We just give them away after completing them.  G and dad would always glue their's on a board to keep.  I think that started with me wanting to keep the valentine charlie brown and snoopy one and then the harry potter puzzles that we framed.  But we now have a record of the puzzles they did for memories.

So off to get her from her 1st day of school!!  I hope it was good.  We both feared that lunch would be assigned seats and sure enough I discovered before her that it is assigned.  She will hate that.