Friday, October 28, 2016


This presidential season is full of uncertainties and really bad candidates.  Of course when you vote for one you are not just voting for that person but for all of the political appointees that person makes.  I voted for the administration that aligns closest to my beliefs such as pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, anti-PC and a much more careful immigration policy that favors those coming legally rather than crossing without vetting or permission (basically enforcing what we have).  I am sure you can see who that would be.  Early voting baby~

So today leaving work I turned too sharply while backing out forgetting that I was parked next to a guy wire.  Then 45 mins later when I drove into my dad's driveway something long and plastic fell off of my car.  YEA!! ME!!  I just recently had to borrow money to have the radiator fixed in my car and some other big things fixed as well as replace all my tires.

My mother is getting worse.  My dad has reached out for help through our state's area on aging.  They have a homebound nurse coming not very often but often enough to help with her care.  She still is particular with what she eats and she prefers ice cream.  I am thinking at this point, darn the diabetes and let her have the ice cream.  She "has" pre-diabetes supposedly.  I mean this disease is going to kill her why not let her have the food she wants and can enjoy now while she can eat it??  Yes it might cause difficulty in the process but it is already a difficult process!!

G is doing well.  Due to my mother's rapidly declining health I am investigating a different (closer to my work) school and would appreciate prayers for the financing.  She is taking a huge placement test on Dec 3 so prayers for that as well.  We need to be working on taking pre-tests.  It is a massive undertaking.

The school where G is now focuses more on projects than core which I am not sure will help G, who is 6 years away from college, succeed in college.  I do want her to learn how to use the machines but I need her to learn core things too.  She claims she wants to be a saleswoman.  I don't see it.  She has a lot to learn to become one particularly how to talk to people.  I will say that the kinderg√§rtners who are there now will be fine because I think by the time college comes for them the colleges will be very different.

G and I have taken advantage of our zoo membership and gone several times in the morning because parking is now a nightmare so it is best to get there early and stay through lunch which we bring.  The older I get the less I want to be in crowds or drive around crowds or guy wires for that matter.

G became interested in learning cross stitch so I taught her from a set she purchased.  Her interest got my interest back so I am trying to finish some of the projects I started but failed to complete.  I found the Christmas ornaments I never framed but may do so this year and give them as gifts to my nephews that never got one.  G said we will put them on our tree instead.

On Thursday nights I am in a BSF class.  We are going through the book of John.  I finished reading the Bible to G now we are doing the family BSF sheets at night.  Saturation in the book of John is lovely.  G is being faced with some interesting things at school.  She needs truth poured into her and we both seek forgiveness for our sins and learn to live in His grace and mercy.

So the holidays are also upon us.  G is going as Charlie Brown dressed as a ghost from the It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  I had an old sheet we used.  They will trick or treat at school on Monday.  Our church is doing something Sunday afternoon.  She wants to trick or treat at age 12.

I don't think that this Thanksgiving holiday we will have the money to paint anything so my room and bathroom will just have to keep on waiting.  G's fish is doing well thought I have been thinking that if we have a severe winter like they are predicting then things will be very bad for it.  If the power goes out for any significant time the fish will just freeze to death.  Doesn't take much to kill a betta.  I haven't pointed this out to G yet.  Best to wait and quit borrowing trouble.

Anyway, that is the update.  I think the blog's time is near an end.  I have to be careful of G and her privacy as she gets older.  I might start blogging about politics but am not sure I will have the time to devote to that.  I will try to post some photos later of her in costume.  I may decide to keep it up for the next year and end it.  Still thinking on it.  Anyway, that is all for now.

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