Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year

I put on my daddy's hat. He was at the grocery store and G and I stayed with my mom.

I overheard him calling someone or some company about sitters coming twice a week. Hopefully, he can get that worked out. Please pray the sitters are honorable.

In other news, I took Christmas down alone since the pre-teen copped a lovely attitude and has been pouting on the couch all day.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from our house to yours. May the Christ of Christmas visit you in your activities, traditions and family and friend interactions as He has done in ours.

And if you are a believer go to your place of worship today. This is the day the world, across cultures, has elected to worship Jesus, the King of Kings, on His 1st Advent.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

2 Posts in a Month

So this is about a conversation G and I had one night.  G is obsessed about height, specifically, people's height.  She wants to know how tall people will be including herself.  Currently, she is 5 ft-ish.  I think she is 5'1" but not sure.  I haven't any idea how tall she will be.  I never was really concerned with how tall I would be at her age.  I just don't remember being so obsessed about this particular feature.  Maybe I was just taking my future height for granted.

Anyway, one night after the 15th question about a little Indian (from India) boy and how tall I thought he would be based on his parents who were raised in India, I asked her why she was obsessed and why it mattered.

She said, "I don't have anyone to look at to tell how tall I will be. You have grammie and grandad.  S has his parents, but I don't know how tall my parents were."

Touche'.  That stopped me.  I said, "okay, fair enough."  I went on to explain that even if she knew how tall her China parents were she still might not know how tall she would be now that she is living in America.  I explained that due to nutrition and her location in China she would be smaller than she is now living in America if she had stayed in China.  I told her that the China growth charts for children really are different from the US.  I also explained that though I do know what my parents look like I actually am the shortest in my family other than my mom and am not as tall as my dad, so even with knowing what parents look like I still would not have known my future height.

I am not going to say that I will not continue to be annoyed with all the obsessive questions about height.  I will, however, try to be more patient when talking to her.  This is one of the rare moments when adoption affects us.  One of the rare moments that she is conscious or more so and willing to discuss it than she is generally.  She continually insists that her eyes don't look Chinese and that all eyes are almond shaped.  She is very funny in this obsession.

So I just wanted this out there.  Sometimes adoption is a thing and sometimes it isn't.  Parents just need to be aware of this and question appropriately to guide growing kids through the thought processes.

Today G had a friend over to decorate (pre-packaged) ugly sweater cookies.  This friend knows that together they decorate gingerbread houses and told her mom that she and G hadn't done that yet.  I told G that and G was glad she remembered that that is a tradition now for them.  At this moment they are at a church function watching the friend's sister in a Christmas program.  Then they will go to my mom's church to a Christmas party.  Neither girl is good at using the phone to keep in touch with each other.  G's phone is jacked up and the texting feature doesn't work.  Her friend consistently leaves hers uncharged or lost for days on end.    I warned them that they had better find another way to contact each other or they won't be speaking in the future.  Of course I was kidding.

May or may not post before Christmas or after Christmas.  So Merry Christmas and Happy Holy Days.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Holiday Season

It is right and proper to not only wish people a "Merry Christmas" but also "Happy Holidays" as the word "holiday" itself originally means "holy day" and the plural refers to the days involved in the Advent season as Believers world wide, particularly in the high church traditions, participate in looking back at the first advent as a prophecy to the second advent.  Another time to wish people "Happy Holidays" is during lent and Easter season, which ironically used to be the biggest celebration in Christendom.  Sadly, due to changing traditions and marketing the Christmas season has now become the largest holiday in the Western world.

What we've been upto:

I think we saw Fantastic Beasts before we bought the car and I may have already posted this but I still like it.

The weekend after Thanksgiving and the car, we put our Christmas tree up.  It fit in the new car but now we have lots of pine needles in the trunk.  This year G decided that from now on we need a fake one so after Christmas we will be purchasing a fake one for next year.  After seeing a report about fires on the news, I am in agreement.

G took the independent school exam and we haven't received the grades yet.  I think we are accepted but now I am praying for the tuition to be affordable.  Our current school received the notice and e-mailed me. I explained like I had already to her teacher that it comes down to my mom and the loss of support of my dad (not by his choice but circumstances and not right now but down the road closer than we want).

G had her Christmas concert at school.  A country music star came to perform with them.  My phone storage shut down my phone while I was recording G's class singing their original song.  They wrote the song like they did last year.  The headmistress said no "Jesus" songs as that might offend someone.  Luckily, the country music star didn't hear her or didn't care and he proclaimed Christ through his private mini-concert after the kids sang.  Interestingly he didn't sing any Christmas songs.  I had never heard of him but he came from the area where G goes to school.  Maybe some readers may know him.

My mom is in solid stage 2 but last night she seemed to be up with conversations and making sense.  Dad is just so sweet with her.  We aren't putting mom's Christmas tree up this year.  We also aren't going to my uncle's for Christmas because my mom can't handle it.

We celebrated mom's birthday.  We got her packages of cookies because she doesn't really need anything.  Dad got her pjs which she offered to me for some reason.  I told her I didn't need them.

Her water aerobics friends came out that day and celebrated with her too which was very nice.  My aunt came out earlier and brought her a poinsettia. I love the picture of them holding hands.  Dad fell asleep and I think mom wasn't having a great day.  The photo isn't good but it is full of meaning.

 Our elf returned late and I think G forgot about him.  I sure did.  I don't think G believes but I am letting it go.  Here he is feeling very sorry for the poor fish because G didn't clean the tank well last Sunday and it is a putrid green color.  As I type this she is supposed to be cleaning it again but she is 12 which means she knows best and would rather spend time on her phone.

I am going through the change which is probably to much information but dang these hot flashes.  They are killing me.  Today we are having 70 degree weather which will drop to 21 tonight.  On top of that my body temp flashes to at least 100+ for long enough to be so uncomfortable while G is bundled up in a sweat shirt and long pants.  THAT CHILD!  Of course I have the house temp set at 64-65 so she freezes most of the time, heh.  I can't help it; this is miserable.  It is definitely not a joking matter.  I think more women should talk openly about this to encourage those of us just starting it.

I am behind in Christmas cards which I plan to do today.  We have to make a trip to the dollar store and wally's world for friend gifts.  I haven't sent my nephew and niece any gifts yet.  I did send my sister a gift about sight seeing in NY because I thought her whole family was going but it turned out it was just her, my niece, her daughter in law and the DIL's mom.  Just a girl's trip, I guess my nephew had to work.  

Okay of to get started on the massive amounts of chores.