Thursday, April 27, 2017

7th Grade Photo

Yes, her school uniform is still too big and we are stuck with it as she isn't going there in the fall and they are changing the logo which makes current uniforms obsolete.

But that being said, isn't her smile gorgeous?  She looks so grown and now as an official teenager she practically is.

So we had the last parent teacher child conference last night.  She brought her math grade up 2 years so she officially finished or will finish 7th grade math before the end of the year.

Her reading, however, is very far behind. She's just not interested in reading for information's sake.  I think on some level her teacher just blew smoke at me through most of as I am not sure how much he agreed with my assessment of her progress or was just agreeing for agreement sake.

He wished us well and said we will receive her work (for the 4th time of being asked) for the 2 years she was there.  I will be excited to have the records and objects she created.

So as for her birthday last Saturday, she had the best birthday ever.  I managed to get her a computer and we made brownies to share with my parents.  No birthday party due to lack of finances.  She understood after opening her computer.  I also gave her the movie fantastic beasts.  Not our favorite but in HP line so it's good.

We have 4 1/2 weeks of school left then summer.  She will be spending majority of time at my parent's.  Can't afford trips this year for a variety of reasons.

It's all good though.  She'll have a good summer working for my dad in the yard.  Until next time...


jennifer said...

G is absolutely beautiful. I'm ready for this year to be over, but not ready for 8th as I'm sure you're not :).

Vicki said...

Amazing that your wee one is growing up.
Oh girls are doing the same
Thanks for update! You