Monday, August 14, 2017

School Begins Again

This year G starts (another) new school.  She will be attending a private school near my work.  It is a classical Christian school.  It is full uniform everyday.  She is signing up for cross country which is 3 days a week.  Soon I will have pictures of her in the new uniform.

The other school wasn't going to allow her to be involved in a true school experience because of the distance from my work.  She was going to miss out on extra curricular activities, and I just didn't think that was ok.  She will be coming home in the afternoon 2 days a week and my dad will meet her on those days for the afternoon.

We have already met the teachers and set up her locker.  Well, sort of, we didn't decide to pick up a locker shelf until after we got to the locker.  Tomorrow she will be setting up the shelf and adding some magnets and a mirror and a cup thing to hold pens etc for the locker.  She has the bottom corner locker in a section so she only has one person above her and two to one side of her.  She is admittedly a bit nervous.  Even though she has changed classes she hasn't done it with 5 mins between each class and independently.  Her past schools the classes all changed at the same time lined up going to the same class.  She hasn't had a different schedule or been let out with 5 mins to get to the next class that may be different from the majority of her class.

G had to take extra math lessons this summer because the previous 2 years allowed students to learn at their own pace and like children are wont to do she did the bare minimum and really didn't learn math.  According to the last school's documentation she passed 7th grade math but didn't learn the math like she should have.  I think this year will be hard but I think she needs hard for a bit.

She believes she will be a "youtuber" and I told her that if she made a million a year she could quit school at 16.  The key is she must make a million a year nothing less and it must be consistent.  She has uploaded videos but they aren't all of high quality and she seems to believe that "it'll be fine."  I don't have to worry about her quitting school at this point.

G is very much into Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift.  We found a new and used dvd/cd place and she has purchased used dvds and cds of the three singers.  She is so excited to get to hear the cds when we drive home the 3 days she has cross country.

G has kept 3 of her friends from the last school though she hasn't seen them all summer.  They stay on the phone or text.  One of the girls is from the first year and the other two friends were with her the last two years.  I hope she can keep two of the friendships and the other needs to end.  I have my reasons but it isn't a healthy situation.  One unhealthy situation exposed itself over the summer and that friend is no more.  My hope is this other unhealthy friend will go away as well.  I am praying she will meet many new and sweet girls this year at her new school that will be more than just school friends but will be much deeper and longer lasting than just school.

Work is going well or still very slow, but I have a job for that I am thankful.  Mom is not well obviously.  We never know what she understands, and she doesn't make sense.  I hate seeing her go down this path.  I don't help much because I am not there often.  G mowed the yard this summer.  I was able to get off work early by an hour by going in an hour early.  Gotta say, that was nice while it lasted.

For the time I was at my parents' I was able to at least clean the kitchen after dinner or be there for dad to run to the store.  A couple of nights I helped get mom ready for bed.  That was awkward for us both though I am the one who knew it to be awkward longer than the moment.  Dad continues to be primary caregiver though there is a lady who sits with her 4 or 5 days a week for 6 hours a day.

My mom doesn't like him to be out of her sight and when he is then comes back it is like he had been gone days or weeks.  She is so sweet and grateful.  Thankfully she hasn't had a mean personality change like some people with dementia have.  She is always surprised to see us and all summer couldn't remember that G was just in the living room.  And as she is surprised each time she sees us, she is also glad to see us which is a good feeling.  I don't know how much longer before she doesn't even know that we belong.  I am not looking forward to that day.

My weight has finally leveled out at around 142-147 lbs.  I am still every other day fasting except like on special occasions or when I am really hungry for something.  Then I might just fast across 1 meal rather than all day.

We did absolutely nothing this summer, no trips, no camps, no church trips, nothing.  G was fine with it.  We went to a couple of movies.  I worked and she hung out with my parents.  It worked I guess.  She has all but ditched youth group.  One reason is the school change is rather daunting so I decided I didn't want to push it.  Not an argument I am willing to keep having all year.  She doesn't have any girls her age that she has been friends with previously and for some reason she doesn't want to make friends with them.  This year is going to be difficult on many fronts and she will get Christian teaching at school plus Sunday School.  I am not going to force the youth group until she is ready.

For this school year my prayer for G is that God will grab her heart and she will see her need of Him.  That her goals will become the goals God has set for her.  I pray she is really finds her purpose in Him.  I also pray she finds her footing in algebra.

So that is all for this update, I think we will all survive the teen years on the one end and the dementia years on the other.

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jennifer said...

Praying for a wonderful new school year. Still praying for your mom and dad. Our summer was spent just like yours... we did absolutely nothing. Sometimes I'm glad, but sometimes I'm not. I wish we could have done just one thing. Praying for you guys.