Friday, September 29, 2017

Looking for Inner Peace? Read this book.

Confession time:  I am a disorganized pack rat.  I seem to pile things all over the place.  I keep things for years because who knows if I might need whatever it is, but of course I would never be able to find that thing I thought I would need because of all the stacks.  I am also a control freak with respect to other people and events outside of my sphere to actually control. 

Reading this book was very convicting to me for the very idea that my private world is disordered which is reflected in my outside world.  Gordon MacDonald delves into the personalities that develop to cover the disorder inside which describes me perfectly.  Disorganized home?  Yep, me.  Attempting to control the events and people around me? Yep, me.  Driven sometimes to meanness? Yep, me.  Failure causes deep depression? Yep, me. 

The answer is discovered in this well written and well understood book.  It is not a quick fix to success or to a minimalist life.  Nor is there a promise of a perfect life without trouble.  Taking the advice and information offered is an act of the will and will not be an overnight change.  Help is here to reconnect to the only One, Who can truly order your private world.  Gordon MacDonald will introduce you to that One but you must take a step toward Him too. 

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  This is 100% my opinion.  

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