Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Winter Arrived

School and work are closed again, can't say I am terribly disappointed.  The snow is very pretty and it is very cold.  Not worth going outside.  I dare say G is awake in her room probably on the phone playing games with her friends.  I couldn't sleep later than 730.  That is what age gets you.  Of course we did go to bed as if we had school and work.  I would like to pop a movie in but don't want to wake the thirteen year old attitude. 

Yesterday, I went to my parents to sit with my mom.  The new sitter was there.  She is very friendly and has 12 years of experience with patients with Alzheimer's.  She is even willing to cook lunch which then doubles as supper for my parents.  She is apparently a good cook.  Yesterday was my off day so I didn't eat there.  Mom knew me as her sister, her daughter, that lady, ma'am, "Who are  you?" and I think once she said my name.  It is really sad.  We watched The Andy Griffith Show and enjoyed the nostalgia and talent of another time. 

Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr by sitting with my mom was a good day.  You know, his dad renamed himself and MLK after a trip to Germany and after the Great Reformer Martin Luther.  MLK was a pastor and preacher of the Word.  He loved Jesus and would be so ashamed of what the left and democrats have done to his legacy.  He was also a gun toting Republican.  History is being re-written in the culture and people don't seem to understand or know it well. 

Public schools have marxism all through and that is what happens, re-writing of history causing divisions in people to have a permanent set of victims.  Sad!

Anyway, I stayed on my phone mostly and can't post from there.  By the way I hate apple and iphones.  They are really terrible products.  But of course in this day and age no tech company can or should be trusted.  So much for this post, I don't really have anything to say.  I think I will curl up with a book and some podcasts.  ta-ta

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